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Updated on September 6, 2011

Having Fun Time

I love to spend time with my daughter and creating new family trends. I look for discount coupons to local businesses and amusements parks. I rarely go to places that are not suitable in age for my child. I check out activities that are appropriate for both me and her. Sometimes I make homemade grab bags of activities when traveling to long destination or I ask my daughter to help me create new and fun games to play. You can also check with local libraries for summerfun reading programs. The Philadelphia Library has a good program that help enhance reading in a fun way for kids. I try to take my daughter to these programs once or twice a week. It is also good to try to create a fun calendar with your family that includes special dates, new events and cool pictures or photos. If you are a working mom or dad you can make a Funphotosarus with your children by taking a fun photo or drawing picture explaining your day at work. Remember to have fun with your children and create new family memories.

Helpful Resources:

The Philadelphia Library -

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Zoo, Action. Help the environment /pbs kids

Kid Activities/ Community Services Ideas for Kids of all ages -

What much fun are you?

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