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Genealogy Family Surnames being used as Middle Names

Updated on June 12, 2012

New Names Added: June 2012

A family's surname is often used as a middle name for a child to show the mother's maiden name, and to that end I have compiled a list of middle names that appear to be displaying the mother's maiden name in the hope that it will help people find their family lines.

If you'd like to add to this list from your own family line please leave a comment underneath.

Note: It is in alphabetical order but if you hold down your Ctrl button and press the letter F - a box will appear at the top of your screen - type in the name you are looking for and press enter and if it is listed it will go straight to it.

MIDDLE NAME - followed by Surname

Abbott - Hamilton

Addison - Cillard

Allibone - Joyce

Amos - Young

Anderson - Mayne

Andrewes - Uthwatt

Andrews - Reyne

Anness - Taylor

Arch - Purcell

Arundell - St. John-Mildmay

Atril - Moses

Atwood - Hutchings

Avern - Perriss

Avery - Bradley

Aylmer - Maxwell

Baker - Croxen

Baldon - White

Bateman - Bull

Bateman - Lee

Battams - Wilkinson

Bayard - Wace

Beaty - Bull

Beaumont - Jefferson

Bennett - Moses

Bennett - Oliver

Bidwell - Clarke

Billington - Travell

Bolton - Bevan

Boughey - Lingard-Monk

Brereton - Edgelow

Brilliana - Burgess

Brilliana - Mitchell

Bristowe - Gambell

Brookes - Smith

Brooks - Wilkinson

Buckby - Holmes

Carlton - L'Estrange

Carter - West

Case - Rolfe

Cavan - Duffy

Chandler - Arnold

Chapman - Uthwatt

Chatfeild - Clarke

Chauval - Hodgson

Chessell - Noble

Chicheley - Plowden

Clarke - Chapman

Clare - Hillyard

Clavering - Patterson

Clayton - Gambell

Combe - Westaway

Comber - Higgs

Compley - Coales

Compton - Maul

Cooper - Facey

Copeland - Maynard

Corbert - Wilkinson

Corcoran - Patterson

Cowley - Broom

Cowley - Graham

Cowper - Hickman

Creighton - Waterhouse

Crocker - Middleweek

Cyneberht - Biffin

Deakin - Caws

Dello - George

Digby - Pauncefort-Duncombe

Duncombe - Pauncefort-Duncombe

Earnest - Coward

Eden - Feasey

Ekins - Valentine

Elkins - Bull

Ellis - Bumpstead

Emans - Crawley

Emerton - North

Essex - Sinclair

Evans - Whitlock

Farrer - Thompson

Fensom - Eastwell

Field - Ward

Findley - Geddes

Fisher - Simpson

Fountain - Amos

Fowkes - Fardon

Fowler - Pryor

Franklin - Lyford

Franklyn - Pain

Freame - Taylor

Gardiner - Laing

Gardner - Hale

Gemmell - Duncan

Godfrey - Brownsell

Gray - Wiles

Green - Fleet

Groves - Brooks

Guilder - Walker

Hambrough - Windsor

Hargreaves - Brown

Harley - Clarke

Harris - Lewis

Harrison - Parrott

Harrison - Swain

Hawthorne - Perriss

Hedley - Overton

Henbrey - Bradley

Heygate - Bull

Hidderley - Graham

Higgins - Brooks

Hill - Bailey

Hill - Kilby

Hodgson - Callard

Holbrook - Simpson

Holloway - Brown

Holman - Mitchell

Houlston - Ward

Howe - John

Howe - Staunton

Howlett - Chapman

Hutchings - Crick

Hutton - Stevens

Hyatt - Phillips

Jacobs - Attrill

Jolliffe - Warder

Joseph - Branson

Judge - Hodges

King - Anderson

Kingston - Inns

Kingstone - Amos

Knott - Dariel

Laight - Applin

Lang - Middleweek

Leaberry - Stapleton

Lilley - Coales

Littlewood - Stevens

Llewellyn - Edgar

Locmelis - McNeil

Loraine - Bevan

Lovell - Branson

Lowder - Anderson

Ludlow - Cotter

MaCallan - Swan

Malakoff - Lord

Malsbury - Kirby

Mason - Bailey

Mason - Wise

Masters - Bull

Meaby - Pidgen

Monk - Lingard-Monk

Morley - Hujus

Muncton - Smith

Newland - Fountaine

Newman - Andrews

Newstead - Walton

Nicholl - Ogilvie

Nicklin - Huntley

Norrish - Foxford

Norton - Player

Octavis - Cheesman

Osborn - Clarke

Palmer - Bull

Parker - Crawford

Parker - Woods

Parnell - Brown

Patchett - Barratt

Pearce - Cave

Pearson - French

Pelling - Watts

Penkivil - Clarke

Phifer - Blackwelder

Phillips - Muddiman

Plunkett - Cotter

Ploughman - Budd

Prentice - Branson

Presland - Samwell

Prince - Oldham

Purcell - Cotter

Rayman - Thomas

Read - Bennett

Redden - Carr

Redley - Houchin

Roberts - Rumley

Rogers - Bull

Rogers - Chantler

Rogers - Fox

Rogers - James

Rogerson - Cotter

Rolls - Gibbs

Rolls - Payne

Rooker - Rainbow

Rose - Brown

Sankey - Butler

Scale - Claxton

Seeley - Oldham

Shafto - Douglas

Sharpe - Atkins

Shaw - Luckett

Shaw - Matheson

Shelton - Fountaine

Shillingford - Ancell

Simcoe - Oldham

Sinclair - Perkins

Smith - Hives

Spicer - Cox

Spier - Bull

Steer - Rawson

Stiles - Taylor

Talbot - Cowell

Taylor - Donnelly

Temple - Howse

Thomason - Scott

Thrower - Taylor

Tillyard - Middleweek

Tite - Blunt

Turnbull - Holmes

Turner - Hall

Umney - Nelson

Varney - Williams

Veere - West

Verney - Turnbull

Virgo - Buckland

Walis - Sharp

Walker - Langley

Ward - Kemp

Ward - Line

Watson - Hodges

Watts - Bird

Webb - French

Wellesley - Taylor

Wells - Bignell

Wellsley - Russell

Whiteford - Laing

Whittaker - Dean

Whitwell - Rockingham

Whitworth - Taylor

Wilford - Maguire

Wilison - Puryer

Willis - Hives

Willisford - Jackson

Wilson - Adkins

Wilson - Mainwaring

More Genealogy Information:

There are many more people on HubPages writing about family history/genealogy and if you want to find out more then click on the following links:

COMING SOON .............

I am currently in the process of producing a 'CD' that can be purchased which will contain all the information that I have collected over the years, currently just over 6,000 individual's names and data, including over 2,000 photographs which can be purchased for the grand price of $5, how's that for a low introductory price? This will cover the cost of setting things up and I'd just like to get the information out there to the people who are searching for it. Yearly updates will be available so that you can keep up-to-date with everything being collected as I go along. If you are interested in purchasing this either in CD form or as a GEDCOM which you can download direct onto your pc please leave me a message in the comments box and I will notify you when this is ready to purchase.


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    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      6 years ago from Beautiful South

      I noticed that you are English, so I know you have a better handle on our ancestors from the British Isles than I do. As a U.S. Southern Belle from west of the Mississippi River, we were used to kids being called by double names: Mary Anne, Peggy Sue, Jimmy Don, Billy Joe, etc. I hated my double name and gave it us as soon as I grew up. When one of the girls in school went only by her first name, we were shocked that her middle name was "Hudson" and actually felt sorry for her. Gosh darn, what kind of name was that for a girl? We later learned that it was her mother's maiden name. Thanks for the memories. Voted you up.

    • cookie512 profile image


      7 years ago

      very interesting and factually correct!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Also parents first names are used as the middle name of children I even found a couple of familes, once they'd used the parents names went on to use the grandparents names (both first and last) as middle names.

    • MobyWho profile image


      7 years ago from Burlington VT

      We gave my first son my maiden name for his first name (no middle). It is Patterson; my pediatrician, when he first saw Pat commented, "That's a big handle for such a small bundle." He's grown into it.

    • moonlake profile image


      7 years ago from America

      I was surprised to see you had Thomason listed. In genealogy I have also found the same thing middle name being the mother's maiden name. I also found that most of my uncles middle names were their great-great-grandfather's name.

      Many middle names came from the surname of friends of the family, people they were very close to.

      Enjoyed your hub gave you and up and very interesting.

    • Allen Williams profile image

      Allen Williams 

      7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      That is interesting. A few years ago my son and I traced our genealogy back several hundred years. We found that when the Williams' first came to America the names were created differently. The first name was followed by the first name of the father, such as "William of John". There was no true sir name that was given to every child. When William had a son, that son had his own first name, (We'll say Amos) and that was followed by "of William"; Amos of William. Later after settling in America, they took on the last name of Williams so it would be consistent.

      Interesting hub. Voted up.


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