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Updated on November 13, 2011


Valerie Goodloe and her family are Muslims.As you will see later on that she is not the typical person you would think of when you think of gangs.She has done many great things in her life.She is well accomplished in her field,she has met with many famous dignitaries and traveled far and wide to do her job,a job she loves.

Now she will turn her camera onto herself to get her message to us and the young woman who insist on becoming gang members.

She also would like to get her 17 year old daughter out of the gang life.



Valerie Goodloe is not a stranger to the gang life,you see she has a daughter that is a gang member.Goodloe is turning to the streets of Los Angeles to show every one how girls in gangs evolve."I'm hoping there will be more discussions about the plight of our girls. They have been neglected," she says."Emphasis is placed on the disappearance of the black male,but girls are in danger of the same factors."

Goodloe has been to Europe following Obama"s presidential campaign and worked in Africa with former President Bill Clinton.

Recently she has executive produced the documentary Gang Girl: A mother's Journey to Save Her Daughter.

caption of gang girl a mothers journey to save her daughter
caption of gang girl a mothers journey to save her daughter | Source
Goodloe in Africa
Goodloe in Africa | Source

mother and daughter live in Los Angelos


More and more teenage girls are joining street gangs.Their roles are becoming increasingly powerful.Researchers have either ignored or misrepresented the role of female gang involvement. It was once thought female gang members were nothing more than "sexual objects," to be controlled by the male members. But now it is believed that female gang members are not only on the rise but so is their involvement in gang-related criminal activity.All female gangs are on the incline also.They form in reaction to sexism and not being treated as equals in male dominate gangs

This film is rendered first hand.

I pray that Valerie's film reaches some young girls before its to late.

Is this possible

Are most parents aware of gang activity with their child

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      3 years ago

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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      7 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Girls and gangs are not just in the inner city. I worked on two different Native American reservations and girls being in gangs were also a problem there. Much of it comes from a lack of positive activities to be involved in, or lack of acceptance by those in these types of activities.


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