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Practical Jokes My Grandfather Pulled

Updated on August 8, 2015

A Scary Place for a Kid


Pranks Grandad Pulled

Some practical jokes our granddad pulled on us kids would be tantamount to child abuse in today’s society. But it was another time, another era. Many older readers would probably agree it was a better one. We had little in worldly possessions, but we had something lacking in many modern day values.

Speaking of modern day homes there was something we didn’t have…indoor plumbing. There was no bathroom. We had what was then called a “privy”, also known as an outhouse.

The outhouse was a scary place for us grand kids...especially at night. it became a dark and terrifying place. Our's was way out close to the woods and darkness brought with it a host of strange, chilling sounds.

During the day, there were other things to look out for. Wasps, spiders and even snakes were not uncommon. Winter, brought on another set of problems There was no heat so...use your imagination.

Granddad, like all old timers, just had to enlighten us as to just how good the “good old days” were before the advent of toilet paper. Other uses for corn cobs and pine cones was one of his favorite topics. I think I’ll also leave that to your imagination.


I’ll never forget those "good ole days" either…especially the outhouse. Not only was I terrified of wasps, but I wasn’t too fond of snakes either. We avoided each other whenever possible. I had to sneak away to use that facility. Really, I did. Granddad, for some reason had singled me out for this next prank.

Granddad would lay in wait for me to have to go to the outhouse. Once I was firmly seated inside, he would quietly sneak up to the door and latch it shut. Me…in there…locked in with those scary spiders and wasps.

“Gramps” never tired of that little game. I think he had entirely too much time on his hands. Why I didn’t think of just removing the little 25 cent latch I’ll never know. But like I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack at age 5. And it didn’t matter how careful I was to make sure he wasn’t following me, he always seemed to know when I was in there. It was a miracle I grew up without dying from bladder infections.


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