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Whose fault these children Part (2)

Updated on October 27, 2011

Whose faulf these children ? Part (2)

I you are truly my child, you definitely would not be sharing certain things with your friends, or your siblings, any simple descriptive statements sounding like: You know my dad, he will get upset, blow off some steam, then in a few tics like always, it’s back to business as usual. That won't describe me.

Nooooooo! Not after all the difficulties that exist, and the responsibilities that's involved with raising kids. I am going to make sure that my reward won’t be a few “dried tears” sprinkled over my coffin at the cemetery, while my body is being lowered into the ground.

That in it self, would be an abomination! Total disrespect and a lack of consideration for my own parents, who vowed with their own lives, to do one thing and one thing only after the birth of each of their children.

That is to be the parent that they know is good, which they were even long before they became parents.

There was a time when everything your parents did, Was gospel, food and nourishment, for the souls of their children. Whether it’s directly of indirectly, that was simply the way it was.

Those times are not necessarily gone now, but what have happened is a slow but gradual surrendering of roles, resulting in what can only be now referred to as a changing of the guard.

These kids we witness today, whose parentsare nonchalantly sitting back and allowing then to speak to their parents any how they please, dress anyway they want to, do what whatever they feel like, go where ever they want whenever they want, all this while living at home .

I ask you my fellow human being, based on what you have gathered from your own family life, based on what your parents taught you, based on what you have seen ongoing with other parents, based on what we heard in the lyrics of songs , sung by many of the great singers of our time , of which my favorite will always be “the Living years” tell me sincerely, what do you think, you are going to reap after tolerating those things that you are?

Are you hoping on raising the kings and queens of tomorrow? Are you molding the future president? Are you positioning your child for the best possible start a good parent can give to their children?

No! By tolerating these types of behaviors, you are failing in your duties, and definitely reneging on your agreement with the most High God when you promised to bring up your children in the way of the Most High God , so that when they are old they will not depart from it!

You have allowed your own lack of direction, that you became a victim of, to now be handed down to your offspring’s.

Of course you must reap the seeds that you planted.

The fruits of your labor, are not what you expected, but how can you expect to reap that which you did not sow?

Here is one of the greatest lessons of them all; life is an ongoing saga, just because you did not reach the pinnacle of your endeavor with the efforts you have made, all is not lost. Your life had a beginning, so it’s correct to say that until it has officially ended there stands a chance at redemption.

As it stands now you must accept that: It is what it is!

Your positions at this point have slid, dropping way down on the line, where a life ultimate possibility exists, that is your present reality. Now if you stop trying altogether, then you have definitely failed, but if your intent was truly good and you can learn from your present mistake, then all is not lost and you must now be ready to do the very best you can,

in earnest and in truth.

Because your children did not get there, fulfilling your dreams and fancies, and because you now understand that if you had done what your parents had done with you , the outcome would have been vastly different. Well now you know, and all you truly have is now, so you must seize the moment, pick yourself up,and guess what? You do not have to start over, simply continue from where you went off line. You must not sleep in that muck of the past, but you must be sincere with your present, by asking yourself: what can I do to make sure that one, or two, or even three bad apples don’t necessarily have to spoil the whole bunch.

My mother repeated this poem hundreds of time to her children when I was a little boy I had no idea at that time that it was actually a poem, but that did not matter, I understood its meaning, and it resonated.

It goes : “Drive the nail the right boy , hit it on the head, strike with all your might boy, while the iron’s red; when you have work to do boy do it with a will, he who reach the top boy, first must climb the hill.”

The secret to every beautiful and successful family lies in the respect it pays to its ancestry. By giving thanks for this extraordinary opportunity to be here representing the ancestry and celebrating life, will speak volumes about that family and their memory should make you extremely proud to say:

Never! Not over your dead body, would you allow this sacred opportunity to become desecrated on your watch, and be sincere.

The pains and dissatisfactions I am observing, being evident in the lives of other parents. I am now even overly anxious to dedicate my life to the cause of this dwindling state of affairs between children and their parents, this senseless destruction of ones own foundation.

Let my dedication become that beacon of hope to others who have simply given up in disgust, and disbelief, stemming from threats from the likes of these so called modern day children.

If modern means new, and up to standard, that should easily make it transparent and in quite and envious state. But when it leaves you in all kinds of trouble, starting with their own self, and as they go on to have problems with everyone else, then there’s something not correct about the state of affairs with you. Now since I am the parent and there is nothing whatsoever you can do about that fact, being truthful. I trust that you have learned enough to know that truth is infinite, and unchanging.

It simply is what it is.

I see nothing wrong with a parent reaching his wits end, with a particular child of his, after he have sincerely triedand has done everything that he have learned, and was taught about his obligation.

The very same goes for that child, who has had enough of the negativities from his parents. That individual, will most likely be a child that have tested the waters of life, in his own way while learning from his present situation, following which he made up his mind to move forward and at that same time conquering all his fears to go out and take the bull (life) by it’s horns .

In the words of one of my favorite singers:

Robert Nestor Marley who said: Emancipate your selves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.

Realizing that the only thing that there is to fear is fear itself a child , a parent can easily divert from what is called the norm, and position themselves in such a way, that life and time won’t dear pass them by unnoticed, they will both lend a hand.

Believe it or not, truth comes with life and time will eventually reward the truth of life.

As long as you can verify that what you are doing, or is about to do, are all clothe in the robe of truth, it’s “Woe” to he that will dare try and stop you or stand in your way.

As its been said already let it be done!


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