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Gifts for the Genealogist

Updated on May 6, 2011

What can I Buy for a Present

How many times have you asked that question? How well do you know your friend. Have you ever heard her talk about her family? Do they know where their ancestors, or their grandparents came from?

Well, why don't you get them started. Suggest they check the internet, to see if they can find where there parents originated.

Example Disk

Find a Gift

That's a good question. First, you need to find out what areas the persons family lived in or came from originally and the approximate year. Then you go online and buy Census Cd's for that particular area and the appropriate year you need. You could check out eBay for these too.

Cd's would made great gifts

There are thousands of CD's each for different countries, with all kinds of information, census records, births, deaths, marriages, and the national indexes.

The daughter and I have obtained many cd's to use in our research. To name a few, we have: 1881 National Index, 1881 Greater London, Vital records Index British Isles- Births, christenings & marriages, Queensland Pioneers index 1829-1889, S. Australia Births & Marriages, England census. These saved us many hours of going to the Family History Societies and waiting in line to access them. We also worked with other researches, they would look up their disks for our families, and we would search our disks for theirs.

Any of these disk would make a great gift for any researcher.


Memberships to any, latter day saints libraries, or the Historical Societies. They are an essential must have, for researching.

Photo Albums, Files for certificates, or cd wallets would be a good gifts for them to keep everything in its place.

Genealogy Software

Do they have access to a computer, if so, do they have a Genealogy program to use.

Fische Reader

It is a pain trying to read those old films in cramped situations in the historical societies, so why not buy a microfiche screen. These are wonderful to use at home if you can buy or borrow some of the old fiche records on film. It's amazing what you can find on them.

What ever you decide on, I am sure it will be appreciated.

Birth And Marriage Certificates

Pay for a family members Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate. All Genealogists need these to prove they have the correct member of their family entered on their list. Having the wrong brother or uncle added to the family could mean wasted years of research for nothing.

Reminder Gift ideas for Christmas and Birthdays

Here are a few suffestions:

  • Membership to a Family History Society
  • Photo Albums
  • Census Record Disks
  • Vital District area Cd's
  • Membership to Internet sites
  • Copies of Birth and Death Certificates
  • Copies of Marriage Certificates

(these Certificates become expensive)

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