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Getting Crafty for the Holidays

Updated on July 12, 2012

Last year for Christmas my family was on a very tight budget and I panic cause we didn't have a tree. Well one night I was crafting little Christmas trees out of Pine Cones trying to build a little holiday cheer and then it hit me. I decided to build a "Pine Cone Christmas Tree". My family and a friends went to an area with a large amount of pine trees and we loaded our friend's entire truck bed with pine cones and took them back to my home. We bought a tomato stand, a tree stand and a piece of PVC to support it all and after 2 days of building the puzzle of pine cones we were ready to paint it green and add some snow and there it was our very first Tree made with friends and family and all we paid was 10.00 to build it. Pine cones can be used for many holiday crafts such as single Christmas trees that the kids can decorate themselves with glue, glitter or even peanut butter and bird seeds for animal friendly decor for the yard. Using a wire hoop you can design a pine cone wreath. Pine cones, seasonal colored flowers and decorations make for a beautiful center piece or door hanger for the holidays and can double for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can also use the Pine cones as a snack for "Santa's Reindeer" Place name tags on a paper plate with a peanut butter pine cone covered with shredded carrots and set on a leaf of lettuce the little ones will love the thought of them enjoying a snack and for Santa decorate him a small tree and place it with his milk and cookies. To top off it all write a Thank You note to each child from Santa for all the snacks and gift to each child put something in it like a "Gift" they asked for and they received from "Santa" This will help keep them young and believing as children always should and keeps traditions moving forward. The little trees will also make great gifts for grandparents and class projects. All materials are inexpensive and easy to find.

I don't recommend lights on the Christmas tree due to the paints that are flammable however you can use glow sticks which makes for fun with the kids. As always safety comes first. There is no end to what you can craft out of pine cones. They can be found just about any where at any time of the year and especially great for projects with young children. Make sure children wear protective gloves for fresh pine cones for the carry sharp edges and may cut little fingers if not handled properly. You can take sand paper and smooth sharp points to protect your child's little hands as well as your own.

Now that's budget friendly and Family Fun and I hope that everyone enjoys spending time this holiday season being creative with their family and friends.

Pine Cone tree
Pine Cone tree


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    • whalefeather2 profile image

      whalefeather2 5 years ago

      What a really wonderful idea. A great memory for you life book! One you will cherish. :-)