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Gift Ideas For Little Girls

Updated on July 12, 2012

In today's day and age it seems like the standard gift for a 10 year old girl is either a mobile phone or a new laptop. Call me old fashioned, but what happened to the gifts little girls used to get back in the day? Gifts that would actually have some degree of sentimental value eventually, and wouldn't be traded in for a newer model the following year? I suppose I understand the need the average grammar-school student might have for sending text messages, but, if I were a 10 year old girl, I'd still rather have something from this list instead. In fact, I often wish my mother had kept my music box collection. I'm not sure where I'd actually put it, but it would be nice to listen to them every now and then.

1. Music Boxes

I had a huge collection of music boxes when I was a kid. I loved them. I used to wind them up and play them constantly. Some of the music boxes were proper porcelain figurines, some were handmade trinkets from craft shows, but all of them were very, very cool. You can search for one that plays her favorite song, or you can search for one in the shape of something she loves. You can find seasonal scenes, and you can even find snow-globe music boxes, my personal fave!

2. Lockets

I had a sterling silver locket when I was a little girl and I really loved it. I used to open and close it all the time -- don't ask me why. There's just something about being able to store secret photos in a necklace which appeals to children! You can get them in gold, silver or platinum, and some of them can hold more than the standard 2 photos. If you get her one of these, you may also want to consider engraving something special on the back.

3. Jewelry Boxes

I had several jewelry boxes as a kid, and I loved them! I can still remember when I was old enough to graduate from the satin-little-girl-type to the grown up wooden jewelry boxes. I still love them! Of course, you can always for the inbetween version; those pretty pink jewelry boxes that are built like mom's, but have been decorated for a little princess.

4. Tea Sets

I was never really into the playing house thing, but I did like tea sets just as much as the next little girl did. I had a gorgeous mini porcelain set which I really adored. Even if she's not into pouring imaginary tea, she'll probably still be keen to have a set round just in case! Today you can get all kinds of lovely tea sets, ranging from fancy china to fabulous, brightly colored clay!

5. Russian Nesting Dolls

I was pretty fascinated with matryoshka dolls as a child, but I never had a set of my own. When I moved to Europe, I bought a few sets and I have to say, they can really be quite stunning. Nesting dolls don't have to be traditional, of course, and you get all sorts, from nativity scenes to various animals. I can't imagine a little girl not being happy to receive a set of them.


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