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Tips to make your vacation more comfortable: Go places with your Etiquette

Updated on December 28, 2014

As summer advances, so does vacation time and you are looking forward to escape from the heated daily life to someplace where you can cool down and relax. But, as you arrive at your vacation destination, the last thing you want is to turn into annoyance and embarrassment to others. Here are some helpful behavioral tips which will make your vacation comfortable!!

Vacation Etiquette
Vacation Etiquette

Tipping Etiquette

Now we know that adding service charge, VAT and miscellaneous taxes to your bills means you shell out an extraordinary amount of money for something as simple as a salad and that does make you reluctant to leave a tip. But, when on vacation, splurge a little!! Not only is it a way of thanking the people who perform services for you, the extra amount spent means bellboys and waiters remember you and they may extend small favors to make your stay easier.

  • Upon your arrival at the hotel, tip the doorman and the concierge. Chances are your dinner reservations will be on time, room service will be prompt and you will always have a cab called up whenever you want. Tipping them is particularly important if you plan on visiting the same place again or if it is a favorite vacation stay
  • Always tip housekeeping and they will make sure your room will be cleaned out whenever you want.
  • Your cordon bleu meals are courtesy of the hotel chef, but the extra side of appetizers can be sometimes managed at the maitre de’s discretion. So, tip your waiting staff well.

Tipping is an important part of travel, but, it should not burn holes through your bank balance. The standard tipping rules dictate paying 10 percent of the bill or doubling the tax. However, the amount can be adjusted a little to suit your budget. For housekeeping, concierge services or doorman, pay what you feel is appropriate to the job you want done.

Behavioral Etiquette

Whatever road rules may be prevalent in your city, while on vacation, you are a guest at another place and you should always mind your manners.

  • In case you are using public transport, buses, subways or other forms of transportation may require you to stand in queue. Follow the rules always.
  • Do not push or shove at others to get into the car first. Wait for your turn.
  • Do not talk loudly in public places or create chaos. Nobody likes a miscreant and this is especially applicable in case of visitors.
  • Do not litter.
  • If you have children make sure they behave well. How your children conduct themselves is a reflection on you.
  • Respect your city and be respected in return – that’s the mantra for a great vacation.

pet etiquette
pet etiquette


Your pet is a family member to you, but others may not take the same view. When travelling with pets, there are certain rules that apply:

  • Understand that not everyone is a pet person and respect their apprehensions. Be accommodating of them and do not let your pet make them uncomfortable.
  • Several establishments do not allow pets, so, call in advance and make sure your pet is welcome in whatever hotel/restaurant you visit.
  • Clear up your pet poop. This is the most important issue related to pet etiquette. Do not expect anybody else, even hotel staff, to clear up your pet’s ‘business’
  • Big dogs or other pets, which are usually perceived as dangerous, may sound unfairly stereotypical to you, but sadly enough you can do little to change it. Leash your pet in public. It gives others a feeling of security and also prevents your pet from bolting.

The job of pet etiquette maintenance in public falls on the pet handler. Your pet’s behavior affects your fellow travelers and others around you. So, be mindful of their behavior and happy travelling.


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