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Public Education In British Columbia. Wake Up! Stand Up! Speak Up!

Updated on September 23, 2014

Wake Up!

What Is A Problem?

Considering we create them everyday for ourselves and others it is probably not a bad idea to take a look at how a problem is made. First of all in order for a problem to be a problem there must be an Intention countered by an opposing intention. You need or want something to happen and someone or something prevents that from occurring. It can be as simple as I want a new car but I don't have the money. Or it can be worse, much worse if you need or want something vital to your well being and someone is an opponent to your well being.

In order for a problem to be a problem something or someone is unknown. If you have a goal, intention, dream, or purpose that is opposed by a counter, non-aligned activity you've got a problem. Trying to get the proverbial square peg into a round hole is a problem - there is no alignment.

The Problem Recipe

Decision - Counter Decision

Intention - Counter Intention

Idea - Opposing Idea

Thought - Counter Thought

Person versus Person

Force versus Force

Sounds like the makings of a good hockey game! However in order for a problem to continue to be a problem it must contain an unknown. A lie is a deliberate attempt to make something or someone unknown. Withholding vital information is a deliberate attempt to make something or someone unknown.

Are you beginning to see the problem?

What Is An Idea?

"Look mummy, Tillie has an idea!" Turning to see the object of my four year old daughter's attention I saw our family dog, head cocked to one side, ears up, looking intently out the sliding patio door. Following the dog's intent stare I saw a large crow strutting about our back yard. Tillie had an idea alright and a pretty simple one at that.

The word idea comes via Latin < Greek, look < idein "to see".

Tillie looked, Tillie saw, Tillie had an idea.

Often in life we are confronted with problems that appear extremely complex. In our attempts to solve them we set our minds the task of finding solutions. Unfortunately we get so caught up in the complexity that we fall into the trap that our solutions have to be equally complex in order to resolve the issue. We fixate on the problem to the extent that it is all that we look at. We fixate so hard we don't see a solution and therefore have no idea how to solve the problem. Couldn't tie my own shoelaces for the longest time so fixate was I on my not being able to tie my own shoelaces. I couldn't see what I was being shown! What I did notice is that more and more of my friends had learned to tie their shoelaces and that motivated me to look!

Stand Up!

Do You Ask The Right Questions?

There is a mountain in our way and we believe it takes one mountain to move another. The time, energy and focus us we see ourselves having to invest seems undoable. The more complex a problem is the more unknowns it contains. The more lies, the more withheld vital information the more willing we are to have another or others come along and solve it for us. Deadly solution if the other is the very party that intentionally filled your universe with lies, misinformation and who have withheld vital information from you.

What are we being told about Education in B.C.

Who is telling us?

What is our government telling us?

What are our teachers telling us?

Are they telling us the truth?

Are they giving us the facts? All of them?

Is the government withholding vital information?

Is the government blaming someone or something?

Is there a vested third party or parties?

What is the governments intention?

Does the government's intention align with your goals as a parent or are they counter to your goals?

Does the government's intention align with your child's needs and wants? Do they support your child's dreams and goals or do they counter them?

Which party in the conflict is making nothing of the other?

Do you Support Public Education?

Have you read the government's Blueprint Re-Design For Education?

Does it matter? Do you care?

What action have you taken?

There Is A Problem!

Are you aware of the problem?

Are you part of the problem?

Do you fully understand the problem?

What part of the solution are you willing to take responsibility for?

Speak Up!

I Have An Idea!



Other Parents

Your MLA


Your Community

Your School Board

Your PAC


Are You listening?


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