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Great Baby Costumes for Halloween

Updated on July 21, 2010

Halloween Costumes and Your Baby

For many babies, 2010 will be their first Halloween. Although they are too young to understand or realize what is going on, you still want your baby to have a great costume, nonetheless.

Baby Costume Tips

Finding the right baby Halloween costume can be tricky. The costume needs to be comfortable and convenient for those necessary diaper changes that come along the way.

Costumes for infants should be cute, not something that will scare them when you hold your baby in front of a mirror to see themselves. You want them to look as cute and special as they are.

Autumn weather can get chilly around the end of October, and a baby bunting Halloween costume will keep your little trick and treater warm and toasty. A bunting is closed at the bottom, but there is nothing dull or drab about a Halloween baby bunting costume. Many cute, funny and adorable infant bunting costumes are available to make your baby's first Halloween enjoyable and memorable.

Infant Costume Ideas

There are many, many different styles of infant pumpkin costumes. Some are orange sleepers with a pumpkin hat, and others look like a round pumpkin with a cute stem-like hat. Most infant costumes have Velcro closures, so they are not only cute but easy to put on and take off.

Infant Animal Costumes are so cute, and babies look absolutely adorable wearing them. Dogs, cats, ducks, and teddy bears are only a few of the great choices for baby Halloween costumes.

Flower costumes are another great choice for infants. These are available in bunting or sleeper styles, as well as toddler sizes. The flower headpiece is made with a Velcro closure and is adjustable for a comfortable fit for your infant.

Little girls can be dressed up as a princess, fairy, lady bug, bumble bee, or butterfly. Some bug costumes are easy to find in bunting and sleeper styles, while others are available only online. These costumes are also comfortable and because of Velcro closures, changing diapers is easy.

Dressing a baby boy as a teddy Bear, lion, pea in a pod, baby batmanĀ and many more.

Some of the best prices and selections are available online at superstores such as,,, and Some offer a flat rate shipping charge of $2.99, some free shipping, and others offer 5% discounts on Halloween costumes.


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