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Great gifts for a new parents

Updated on July 19, 2013

Gift for new parents

What to buy for new parents? What are the best gifts for a new mom?
What to buy for new parents? What are the best gifts for a new mom? | Source

Great gifts for new moms-where to start?

If you've ever been invited to a baby shower or if you've wanted to get a baby gift for a new mom or dad, chances are you have hummed and hawed over what gift for new parents or gift for baby to get.

Baby products are constantly changing and what was once popular years ago might not be popular or even on the market today. I'm a relatively new mom, so please allow me to share with you some gift ideas for new parents. I'll do my best to walk you through some baby products that have saved me and a lot of other moms from many baby-care related hassles.

Loveable and squeezable Sophie the Giraffe has been around for 45 years!
Loveable and squeezable Sophie the Giraffe has been around for 45 years! | Source

Teethers and baby toothbrushes

A few years ago, I heard about this baby chew toy called Sophie the Giraffe. Almost every mom I met seemed to be using Sophie with their baby. Babies use Sophie the Giraffe to chew or gum on, to squeeze, to throw and generally to play with.

This toy is not just any chew toy you can buy at a dollar store. Sophie is made with non-toxic, natural rubber and food paint. This toy is easy for babies to grasp and it's lightweight too. Sophie the Giraffe, has been around since 1961, born in France.

Baby Banana Training Toothbrush

This bendable, hypo-allergic training toothbrush also acts as a teether. Parents who use this brush on their babies often say that the banana peel handles are easy for their baby to grip and the soft silicone brush is soothing on their baby's teeth and/or gums. Bonus: It's dishwasher and freezer safe!

Travel high chair--one that takes up minimal space

My Little Seat-Infant Travel High Chair

  • Portable and machine washable travel high chair
  • For babies who can sit on their own, approximately 6 months up to 35 pounds
  • 5 point harness
  • Contemporary, modern and fashionable design

Ergo Baby Carriers (front or back facing)

Ergo Baby carriers have become a household name-talk to most parents about baby carriers and Ergo baby carriers come up in conversation because they are one of the most comfortable and supportive baby carriers on the market. Ergos are so great because they distribute the baby's weight evenly between your hips and shoulders. Babies love this one too because when worn in a Ergo, babies are in a natural sitting position. You can buy an infant insert for newborn babies and you can buy regular cotton or organic cotton Ergo baby carriers. Besides being extremely comfortable for the baby wearer, is the versatility-you can wear the infant in front, on your back (like a backpack) or on your side. Weight limit is 45 lbs and this carrier has a built in sleeping hood.

Gift ideas for new parents: baby carriers

Boba Baby carrier (front of back facing)

This carrier is also a popular one. The features are very similar to the Ergo, but Boba goes one step further with a removable sleeping hood and removable foot straps. You don't need an insert to wear your newborn and there are multiple pockets for helpful storage. You can wear the infant on your front or on your back and the weight restriction is 45 lbs. Some users say this carrier is a little more suitable for dads, as the waist straps fit better.

Best gifts for a new mom? Sleep sacks takes the hassle out of bedtime!
Best gifts for a new mom? Sleep sacks takes the hassle out of bedtime! | Source

Sleep Sacks and blankets

Sleep sacks

After swaddling my babies time after time, I didn't realize there was a whole new movement going on that promises to make the life of new parents easier. Sleep sacks are wearable blankets for babies that zip up. Sleep sacs prevent blankets from being kicked off and keep blankets from out of the child's face (thus not to interfere with breathing).Sleep sacs come in a variety of materials, but mostly cotton and cotton blends of various thickness.

Muslin blankets

Muslin cotton is a very lightweight and breathable fabric that has recently been used for baby blankets. Muslin cotton blankets are a popular baby item because they can be used for so many things: burp cloths, nursing cover, stroller blanket, swaddle blanket, just to name a few. These cotton blankets come in very modern patterns and they have the cute factor.

Cloth Diapers-they're back in style

A lot has changed in the world of baby-care, and cloth diapering is a trend that is back in full force! Of course the cloth diapers you see on the market today are much more high tech and easier to use than traditional cloth diapers that have been used in the past. I'm sharing my personal all-time favourite cloth diaper with you, great gifts for new parents.

Bum Genius 4.0 Cloth Diapers

  • Leak-proof outer cover and custom shape and fit.
  • Easy-to-use hook & loop closures make changing even wiggling babies easy to change.
  • Keeps the moisture away from baby
  • Two inserts included with the diaper: a newborn insert for newborns and a one-size insert for your older baby.
  • Snap system adjusts to fit babies 7-35+ pounds and gentle leg elastic prevents leakage.
  • Diapers come in solid colours or reallt cute patterns.

Some great cloth diaper accesories

  • Wet bag
  • Diaper pail liner
  • Cloth diaper sprayer
  • Disposible Diaper inserts

Sleep sheep sound machine

Want to find the best gifts for new parents? Get a sound machine for their little one! The Sleep Sheep is great for establishing a sleep routine at home or creating an atmosphere of peace when travelling.

The Sleep Sheep is easy to use, you can attach to the crib and the cover is machine washable. The sounds you select are varied: ocean waves, rain, dolphins..Plus you can set the number of minutes you wish the sleep sheep to be on for.

Great gifts for new moms

What gift would you give to a new mom?

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