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Growing Up in Parenting, Identity of Happy Family:)

Updated on April 16, 2012

Beautful journey of Love:)

Together we create beautiful world.  (hand shadow of mine and my hubby)
Together we create beautiful world. (hand shadow of mine and my hubby) | Source
Introduce t your family esp little one to FOOD PYRAMID.
Introduce t your family esp little one to FOOD PYRAMID. | Source
Allow them to open there imaginaton. Play with them.
Allow them to open there imaginaton. Play with them. | Source
Put the marriage first.
Put the marriage first. | Source
Introduce them to nature.
Introduce them to nature. | Source
Play time:)
Play time:) | Source
Happy meal :)
Happy meal :) | Source
Put family before Friends. Be your child's friend.
Put family before Friends. Be your child's friend. | Source
Enjoy being with each other for happy family.
Enjoy being with each other for happy family. | Source

Know some secrets of Happy Parenting and Happy Family:)

Growing Up with Kids

The most beautiful gift we have received from almighty is LOVE. And kids are the beautiful part of life. It’s very true.’ A child in a family brings a child in you’. Having mentioned this, this brought out the child in me…and as a parent we feel we are the ‘role models’ to for our kids.

First rule is Be fit! Lead a healthy lifestyle and our kids follow the same suit.

Today I’m going to share secrets of Happy and Healthy living family:

1. Healthy Food Habits

2. Enjoy Each Other Company

3. Regular Exercise

4. Adequate Sleep

5. Put The Marriage First

6. Growing Up in Harmony With Nature

7. Swap Stories

8. A Meal with Family

9. Play Together

10. Put Family Before Friends

11. Vacation On-Board / Spending Time Together

1. Healthy Food Habits: If you eat healthy food, kids will also follow the same. Avoid encouraging the foods that you know are not healthy. Offer your child fruits and raw vegetables from an early age. If your child consumes lots of vegetables but not much of fruits encourage them to have fruits in the form of fresh fruit juices, milkshake, smoothie or fruit salad. My 3 year old son falls in this category so I’ve tried this for him. Do not introduce too sweet or too salty preparations from early age.

As children grow older, explain the difference between foods that are healthy and those that are not good for our system. You can also explain them with the help of Food Pyramid.

Get children into habit of sitting down to their meals and to chew their food well. Do not allow them to swallow their food no matter how long it takes them to chew and eat. As, this is not a healthy habit.

Allow your child to feed himself/herself from an early age, no issues if they make a mess. I have seen children of between aged 5-7yrs spoon fed by their parents also some drink milk or juice in feeding bottles; this is not a healthy practice. Remember, a healthy mind is and an independent personality are even more important than a strong physique. Do not treat your child as a baby for too long.

2. Enjoy Each Other Company: To be with each other in all the way life leads adds essence in happy family. When my 3 year old son sees me when I come to pick him up from school brings glow and happiness in his face same as when he sees his father coming back from office brings real happiness in his face and same happens to us. Enjoying each other company becomes real stress buster for both.

3. Regular Exercise: For a healthy lifestyle not only meal but exercise is also important. Each cells of our body needs oxygen. Moderate physical activity in the early years reduces the risk of heart disease later in life. Physical exercise or Yoga is best to introduce at early age. Encourage your child to take part in sports like swimming, badminton, cycling etc. It helps to stay a child good health and healthy mind. If you are going for a brisk walk invite them to join with you.

4. Adequate Sleep: I’ve seen many children who face problem due to lack of sleep. Don’t cultivate this habit on your little one. The more energy they release they need to have proper sleep. Do not break there sleeping patterns especially when they have started going to school. If it’s morning school make sure they take there afternoon nap especially for pre schoolers. Do you know young school going children need 10 to 12 hours of sleep. The bedtimes must be fixed , except the holidays. Even parent’s need good sleep. Occasionally late nights are fine but do not make a practice. I’m sure you don’t want to miss the morning freshness, introduce to your kids also for better living.

5. Put The Marriage first: Parents are the role model of kids, so it’s you who has to set an example of love. There are many families who say Kids are first , that’s not fair don’t put burden on them as they have to move on in life. I personally feel husband and wife together make a wonderful world.

6. Growing Up with Harmony with Nature: Introduce your family to nature and trust me it’s a bliss. Take them to the beach , let them discover to play with sands and water. Let your child get use to play with cold water. Take them to some botanical gardens, Science planetarium, safaris etc. The more they will be close to nature they will understand the important of environment.

7. Swap Stories: When your kids comes home from school ask them “ hey dear, how was your day in school?” this magical words make them feel special not only them even for your husbands. When I ask my son he narrates the whole story and when I listen to him and appreciate his words he feel so happy. Same as if I’m doing some work I’ll leave that as for me spending time, sharing stories with my son and listening to my hubby are more important. The bane of family life is boredom and that is what leads to unhappy relationships, affairs and kids wants to be with their friends more than family. Be a friend to your kids friend too.

8. A Meal with Family: Make sure that you have your dinner with family. Since my childhood, my parents use to make sure that we all should have dinner together as they believe ,”Family who eat together, stay together” and I strongly believe. Even if not daily, at least four to five times a week. It helps to build bonding and makes your relationship stronger.

9. Play Together: At least one activity daily evening or night basis with your child helps to maintain smile on your face even next day. Let it be bedtime stories, playing scrabble or any favourite game.

10. Put Family Before Friends: I have understood caring for kids has to be fun. When kids get bore and restless they start looking out excitement out of home and there when friends become more important. Make them understand of friendship and family. Friendship is important, but subordinate to family. Same as, parents also need to prioritize their friendship when spending time with kids and family comes.

11. Vacation / Spending Time together: I still remember my father use to make sure that every summer vacation we visit some new place. He loves to travel and so as me. The basic purpose of taking a holiday is to spend quality time with family. It gives an opportunity to understand our child and spouse better. It also helps us to explore our country and our world. Not necessary vacation has to be outside, you can spend time at home or can plan a picnic with family also can introduce child to relatives. It helps to build good bonding.

We grow up with our kids. In life where we teach things to kids we also learn from them. Stay happy and spread happiness to create a beautiful world. Happiness and Love are the key ingredient of happy and peaceful life and family. When a person walks into your home he should see happiness all around in that way it will fill happiness in his life too. :)


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