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Guide to a Girls First Period

Updated on September 26, 2009

I can't remember how old I was when I first got my period, but I know I was in Junior High at the time and I reckon I was probably 13. My mother is an Obstetrics nurse and my father is an Ob/Gyn, so I'd been fully prepped by them for eons before the big day arrived. I knew what to expect because my father made a point of making sure I knew. I knew it would be normal if things were very irregular, I knew it would be normal if I had cramps (I didn't have any for a long time -- which I've more than made up for since then!), I knew the risks of various sanitary options and I knew how to minimize them, and so on and so on. Most girls won't get that complete an education from their parents and that's totally understandable if said parents don't have the same occupations my parents have -- but the average parent can easily compete with that sort of thing by getting a good book that will explain the ins and outs of menstruation to your Tween or Teen.

First Moon

First Moon was written for girls aged 9-12. This book is HUGELY popular with girls and parents find that their daughters really embrace everything about it, including mood stickers, magic and other affirmations. This is a book meant to celebrate being female and gives young girls a sense that they're part of something magical; no wonder they love it!

Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Her Periods

The title pretty much says it all, methinks. This book is geared toward girls in grades 5 to 9 (although obviously some girls will need it a bit sooner.) This is a gorgeously made little number which explains the menstrual cycle in moderate detail. This isn't an in-depth read, but it does appeal to many young girls

My Little Red Book

This is a collection of essays from women reflecting on their first menstrual cycle. This isn't a book for tweens but rather a book for young adults who want to know what really happened in real situations to real women. There are stories from the past and stories from the present and it's quite fascinating to see the changing of the times as they've pertained not only to menstruation but to women in general.

Period: A Girl's Guide

This book has been around for 30 years now! Written for girls in grades 5 - 7, it's been updated to reflect the modern tween and teen and will be just as helpful to them as generations past. There's a Q & A section for girl's looking for specific answers to their questions and there's even a parents' guide meant to help you discuss difficult or uncomfortable topics.


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