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Updated on December 15, 2009

Dating was common. We wanted to know more about the person we like. This is about boy meets girl relationship. By dating, it can deepen friendship. Repeated dating will lead to intimacy. The intimate moment lead them to fall in love. This is the scenario why many of them were getting married because it started that way. Dating means talking, knowing each other deeply, going together most of the time, in movies, in the parks, in amusement center and others. This is a good dating.

But most of our teenagers of today go dating in other way not healthful to a relationship. Many teenagers get married prematurely because they failed to understand the bottom line of what they were doing. A good date does not go that way. It should be reasonable and responsible date for a responsible relationship. There are some pointers helpful to have a good dating.

-Choose someone you like that you feel comfortable because of his honesty.

-Avoid dating with someone who are aggressive to avoid the risk.

-When he talk to you, pay attention to what he says. Be a good conversationalist. Touch subject most interesting about family, schools, experiences, etc.

-Be alert of a guy who take advances to you. It may lead to something you will regret later.

-If he asked for a date by going somewhere to a place you don't know, refuse it right away. Don't be too accommodating. Set a limit. This is for your own good.

-Let your parents know where you are going or whom you accompany with. Introduce him to your parents. Parents are more knowledgeable to scrutinize a man to know his behavior. Listen to them if they will not approve what you want.

-Don't let your emotion rule your good judgment. If you think you can't trust him, then turn him down right away. Be tactful. Your refusal may hurt his feeling but it can save you. If he is open-minded he can understand you.

By following this pointers, it can assure you that a good date is possible. Be responsible for your own protection.


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      Michelle 8 years ago

      This is...horrible -_-


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