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Updated on July 20, 2012

Huggies Little Swimmers Nappies are quite expensive, with only 11 in the packet, and the packet costing over $10 they work out at close to $1 each. It is more cost effective to buy baby a pair of swimmers or washable swim pants. Actually you could buy a new pair every two weeks in the warm seasons and probably pay less than using these disposable swimming nappies.

They fit on baby just like a pull-up but the sides are stuck together and you cannot adjust them. While they are nice and soft and fit around the waist area very well, I've found them to be just a little too short in the gap for the legs (or you could say the waist tabs a little too long down on the hips) and although this probably wouldn't hurt baby as the fabric is soft and the sides are mesh-like fabric, I think they're more comfortable if I tear the side seams vertically at the bottom of each one to allow for more leg room. They would be better if they were made a little bit in the shape of normal swimmers instead of like the Huggies Nappy-Pants.

I don't think they're totally waterproof, likely to contain number 2's more than number 1's.

They are fairly light weight, but do absorb some weight from the water while baby is splashing about, therefore baby would most likely be more comfortable in an 'unpadded' swim pant.

They have great unisex cartoon prints on them which vary in the packet - However it seems like the colour on them is coming from an underneath a layer of fabric, the print doesn't seem like it's on the outside layer, so it's a little bit like looking through frosted glass at the pictures on them. They would look nicer if the bright prints were on the final layer of the nappy, or didn't look faded.

These Nappies are too expensive for me in summer since my baby and I sometimes swim in our pool several times a day, it would cost me more than $20 a week (With only 11 in a packet I'd need to buy a few packs each week and it just seems like a hassle) - Even for travel in the warm seasons, you'd need to pack too many packets in your suitcase and the packet is almost the size of a box of tissues, so for these reasons I prefer to use regular swimmers on my baby.


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