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Updated on July 19, 2012

I understand the appeal of Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies as far as looks go. They're a very good looking nappy and it is great that they make girl and boy versions. The girls version I purchased for my daughter have cute pastel candy stripes and a Disney motif on the front. But they're just so stiff! The fabric is almost like Newspaper, not exactly what I look for in a comfortable nappy for my baby. This is one of the least soft nappies on the Australian market, and one of the most expensive.

The packaging on the packet I purchased (Walker 13 to 18kg) states they have a "New Contoured Shape" this appears to make the crutch area less bulky and more like the shape of regular underwear. All the way across the top of the back of the nappy is a wide band of elasticised fabric. This keeps the back of the nappy snug on baby, but there is no stretch whatsoever in the front of the nappy or at the hips. I don't get it! This means, the front can dig in / restrict baby's movement in some positions - such as sitting and crawling.

I purchased a packet of these style of Huggies Nappies when my baby was smaller and they didn't fit her. They seemed a size smaller then the weight recommendation on the packaging. So this time, I purchased the 13 to 18kg Walker nappies, even though she is only 9kg. They still seem too small around the waist, even in this bigger size. There is a hard section on the side tabs that is very stiff like a piece of Velcro, and if this part of the tab is not entirely pulled across and stuck to the front of the nappy it will rub on or dig into baby's skin at the top of her legs, especially in a sitting or crawling position, but even in the size bigger I can't get this part to sit away from my baby's skin, with no stretch in the tab section or front it's hard to pull the nappy in too.

Looking at the inside of the nappy, there is three obvious elasticised gathers (The outer one is almost like a cardboard frill) at the crutch, but there are several more runs of elastic also stitched in. I think the nappy needs this many layers in this area so as not to leak, because of the fabric being so stiff, so the sides of the nappy seem bulkier compared to other nappies in the crutch area. I think the elastic in this area also digs in much more than other nappies too. When you take this nappy off you can clearly see where the elastic has been sitting as there is marks on baby's legs/crotch/bottom. I wouldn't use these nappy's as a night nappy for this reason. I don't think they're comfortable enough.

These nappies might be brilliant if they were made with a different, much softer fabric. They are not one of the best on the market, unless you're going for looks alone, but that won't make a happy contented baby. They are also the only nappy which I feel has some kind of unwelcome odor about them, even before they have been worn! I don't like the smell of them and they're just not soft enough for me to be putting my baby into them every day.

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