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Having Twins And Incredibly Excited

Updated on August 17, 2016
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A mother and a dedicated nurse who values children and family. A passionate writer aiming to help others by sharing my own experiences.

The practical and financial prospects of having twins can be an immediate and great concern.
The practical and financial prospects of having twins can be an immediate and great concern.

Coping With The News Of Twins

Whether you planned ahead or not news of twins usually arouses a range of emotions during your pregnancy. It will be a source of great excitement for many couples particularity if you have had difficulty conceiving. You may experience conflicting feelings from shock through elation to panic about how you will cope. In either case there may be some immediate apprehension about the pregnancy and its risks as well as your ability to care for more than one baby. The practical and financial prospects of having twins can be an immediate and great concern especially if there are already children in the family. When you find out that you are expecting twins often depends on how you conceived. If you conceived naturally and did not have any medical problems early in your pregnancy you may only find out at your first scan conducted at between eleven and fourteen weeks. If you have had one or more miscarriages or were in any way concerned about the progress of your pregnancy you may have had a scan earlier in the first trimester and found out at that stage. Finally if you conceived using assisted conception you will usually know that you are pregnant within two weeks of the embryos being transferred and it is likely that much of the focus on the pregnancy is on you.

Fathers May Find This Time Confusing

Hearing that they are to have twins can come as a shock to a partner whether it is welcomed one or not. The range of reactions and feelings they have will be similar to those discussed above for you. In addition they may start to worry about other issues such as whether you and the babies will be alright or that they will be forgotten by you once the babies are born. These concerns can be exacerbated by not wanting to worry you so they may find it difficult to share their feelings. Meeting other fathers through parent groups or support organizations can help. This is hardly surprising given it is not their body that is undergoing enormous physical changes. Until they see a first scan some partners find it hard to understand the reality of a pregnancy especially when it is twins.

Twins are fascinating and throughout the ages they have raised a lot of interest. .
Twins are fascinating and throughout the ages they have raised a lot of interest. .

Why Women Have Twins

Twins are very special in so many ways but on hearing the news of a twin pregnancy most parents will experience mixed emotions. Parents should be well informed so that their anxieties can be minimized and be confident about the choices and decisions they make that suits them to enjoy this precious time. The causes of natural conception of twins are not yet fully understood. A genetic predisposition towards identical twins has not yet been recognized and it is not understood why a fertilized ovum sometimes divides in two. The main reason is linked to maternal age and thought to be due to hormonal changes in the late thirties. Conjoined twins are physically joined but fortunately it is extremely rare and they usually do not survive beyond birth.The way in which twins are conjoined differs and the twins can share some organs or none at all. In that case a surgical separation may be possible but it usually requires medical experts and specialists due to the complexity of the operation.

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Staying Fit And Healthy During Pregnancy

You should try to keep physically active during your pregnancy and do some form of exercise as this will be beneficial for both you and your babies. It will maintain your fitness levels and can help your physical recovery after the birth. Physical activity itself cannot cause a miscarriage. If you are unsure you can consult your doctor or your midwife and they will be able to help you select an appropriate type of exercise to what is suitable to you and your babies current condition. Muscles regain their shape after being stretched but ligaments do not hence the importance of taking care with weight bearing exercises. Being pregnant with more than one baby puts a greater strain on the body than being pregnant with a single child so what might be possible for a woman carrying one baby might not be suitable for you. Whatever you do listen to your body as each woman's fitness levels will be different so it is difficult to generalize about what exercise you should and should not do your pregnancy is progressing smoothly and you are used to exercising. You will know your body well enough to know what is right for you. By the end of the first trimester you will probably start to reduce the intensity of the exercise or switch to an alternative one. Safe forms of exercise are low impact raise the heart rate within safe levels do not dehydrate you excessively and improve muscle tone without overstretching ligaments or abdominal muscles. Start by doing gentle exercise for fifteen minutes three times a week only if you feel ready. Drink plenty of fluids and do not get overheated or reach a state of exhaustion. Make sure you warm up and cool down thoroughly and take care not to overstretch and damage your ligaments.

Each child will develop at different rates whether they are twins or not.
Each child will develop at different rates whether they are twins or not.

Health Risks For Premature Babies

While many are fascinated by what happens to premature babies there are particular risk from a range of health problems with some of which are listed below.

  • Too small for gestational age increases the risks that these complications present for a baby as many twins spend some time in the neonatal unit before they are mature enough to come home.
  • Difficulty in breathing is one of the common complications of prematurity especially for babies born before thirty six weeks.
  • The more premature babies are the less surfactant is present in their lungs. Surfactant is a substance that coats the tiny tube inside the lungs helping them to stay inflated so that they have the best surface area available for oxygen to pass into the blood in sufficient amounts. If the lungs do not have enough surfactant they are not able to supply enough oxygen and the babies can develop respiratory distress syndrome. Babies that need help with breathing may be ventilated in order to help their lungs stay inflated and fill with oxygen. Artificial surfactant may also be given directly into a baby's lungs via a small tube soon after birth.
  • Jaundice occurs in around half of all newborns but particularly common in premature babies because their lives are immature. Jaundice often begins about four days after birth and can disappear on its own. If treatment is required it is done using photo therapy which breaks down the pigments in the skin so that they can be excreted. Treatment may take several days and last for a few hours at a time. While jaundice can continue for several weeks after the birth it usually disappears after two or three weeks. More rarely it can be a sign of an underlying health problem such as infection or a liver problem.

Your babies will make many milestones during their first year and you as a parent will undergo many experiences which will make your life fascinating and at the same time challenging.

Children especially enjoy and benefit from being spoken to and sung to individually .
Children especially enjoy and benefit from being spoken to and sung to individually .

Encourage Each Child To Flourish Individually

Encouraging each baby's personality to flourish individually will help the bonding process and is also crucial for their development as an individual. Apart from being prepared for the range of emotions that any parent may feel there are some key things that can help you to be the parents of twins. Holding and cuddling each baby separately from the beginning even if it is only for a few minutes. Try to hold each of them as soon as possible after birth but do not be anxious because you will develop a close and different relationship soon with each one.

Help And Childcare

Live In
Fee for a Second Child
Family Day Care
Au Pairs
Center Based Day Care
Discount for a second child
Explore all the options and plan ahead before the babies are born is always a good idea.

The Ultimate Hug

Some mothers do not experience the instant boundless love that they feel they should and it is important to know that this is neither unusual nor unnatural. Babies especially enjoy and benefit from being spoken to and sung to individually as well as smiled at and looked at all of which helps with the bonding process and with their long term development. Most mothers plan to and expect that they will treat all their children equally so it can be disconcerting with twins to find that you may feel closer and even that you love one baby more than the other.


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