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His name is Peter

Updated on March 23, 2014
This is is the epitome of happy children with smiles on faces. Poor little Peter never knew anything about that.
This is is the epitome of happy children with smiles on faces. Poor little Peter never knew anything about that.
Newborn Peter
Newborn Peter

A couple years ago, while I was working on my Criminal Justice degree what I saw and read about was horrific, I thought I saw it all as far as what a person can do to another human being. I read about serial killers and rapist and I read about the horrific crimes that will ultimately get you the death penalty, especially here in Texas. After I graduated I transitioned over to Human Services to become a CPS (child protective service) worker. Why? Because I felt a certain calling towards that field; it was like a magnet that kept pulling me towards it. So I made my decision because I am a tough cookie, I can handle it. But nothing tore at my heart more than the abuse that I have come across against children. I guess it is because adults may find themselves in situations where they may be innocent or they may be guilty, whichever the case, but at least they have some kind of fighting chance, no matter how small that maybe.

When you have a child that is helpless to the caregivers, then you have a totally different scenario altogether. Children do not have a choice of who their parents are and they do not have a choice of who cares for them as well. They are helpless to society and that is why society needs to do more to make sure that children like Peter Connolly have a safe haven wherever they are, and whomever they are with.

I don’t know if you know or ever heard of Peter Connolly, I didn’t know until a few months ago except that his mother, her two lovers, and a couple other people are in jail because of the horrific abuse upon this little boy in England. Apparently, many visits were made upon the home and there were many suspicious people that reported Peter’s mother for abuse, but somehow they always handed little Peter over to his mother


Child Protective Services have been scrutinized severely since this case and rightly so, maybe things will change in the UK as well as the U.S as far as taking care of our children, whatever their skin color maybe.

Baby Peter as he was known suffered much throughout his 17 months here on Earth. I read in one newspaper covering the story that the last day Peter was alive, he woke up crying because he was in pain and laying in his own feces. Peter’s mother’s boyfriend told her that he would take care of Peter himself and the last thing his mother heard throughout the house was the sound of a large crack and a scream that would raise the hair on the back of your neck, it was the sound of Peter’s spine breaking. He died at the hospital later that morning.

I dedicate this hub to all those little angels that are taken before their time in such horrible ways, ways that they do not deserve. Please think about those little ones throughout your day and be mindful of children around you that may be being abused. And finally, say a prayer for me that I can be of some use to this field that I have chosen, or that has chosen me.

Right before Peter's death
Right before Peter's death

Please watch til the end,very powerful

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