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Holistic Reading for Kids

Updated on January 19, 2013
Make reading more interesting:)
Make reading more interesting:) | Source

Ready to Read- Holistic Reading for Child

Getting your tiny tots ready to read is quite tough but certainly not impossible. I learnt that when I was making my just turned 4yr old son to read but with holistic approach. Christmas Vacations are in and as my tiny tot is growing I want him to explore some parts of world through reading. We attended a small reading workshop in Serangoon Public Library, Singapore. And to my surprise I was happy that my little one and me were making reading more interesting and the moments which I learnt during this reading session I felt I should pen and share with everyone.

Readers aren’t born, they made. Desire is planted-planted by parents who work at it. – Jim Trelease

Parents play a very important role- Do you know that there are six pre-reading skills (Motivation, Awareness, Narrative skills, Phonological awareness, Letter knowledge and Vocabulary) that children must learn in order to learn to read. And Parents play a very important role to enhance these skills in their children. This is because you know your child best and therefore can find best and easiest way for them. Do not ever force your child to read but whenever they are in good mood spend time with them and make reading fun. It is never too early to help your child develop skills he or she needs for a lifetime of learning.

Promote reading in your child-

Read aloud- Reading aloud nurtures your children’s love of both the written and spoken word. It also creates bonding with your children. Choose a time every day when you both can enjoy sitting together, reading and listening doesn’t matter if only for few minutes.

Be a Role Model- It is important that children see their parents reading and enjoying it so that they’ll learn that reading is important and valuable. I’ve always seen whenever I read book my son comes next to me and take his book and read even though they read for few minutes and in their own language but still they’re developing interest towards reading. If you want your child to be a good reader, be one yourself.

Visit Library and create one at home- Create your very own mini library at home, a child is more likely to pick up a book when there’s nothing to do. Make public library visits as part of your weekly outing routine.

Read everywhere you go- Make sure if you travel long distance journey you’re equipped with some kids reading material for yourself and your child. Show him that reading is a constructive and fun way to pass time also to learn about interesting stuffs.

Choosing books for your child-

Books are the first step into the world of reading and storytelling. Although babies and toddlers have not begun reading, you can provide your loved ones with opportunities to be with the books. I always prefer to gift little ones with some great books as their birthday gifts.

For Birth to age Two

- Books on rhymes, songs and nursery tales. Board books with large and simple pictures.

- Books with simple text that are in large and bold print.

- Books that are short and grab their attention. Preferably choose the animated character which they love eg. Mickey Mouse words books, toy story books, Thomas and friends first phonics books etc.

- Flip a flap books a child will love to explore in this stage.

- Books in durable plastic or cloth materials which will help the young ones to stimulate their senses and imagination.

For Three to Five Years

- Books those are visually attractive.

- Books that convey experiences on their day to day routine (e.g.- Personal Hygiene, Good and Bad manners) or books about exploring the world around them and simple adventures etc.

- A book with obvious repetition allows them to participation. A child enjoy repeated phrase, sound and action that they can imitate also I insist adults involve as active participants.

- Let the pre schooler choose the books he or she wants to read. Guidance from parents is necessary to determine their preferences and reading ability.

- Select some easy books with very few words to encourage independent reading also include some legends, poems to expand their interest areas.

Rhymes Play an Important role

I am sure everyone remembers their childhood at least one rhyme so do I. I never realized the importance of rhymes till the time I discovered with my son. When a loving adult and a young child play Build an engine or sing a rhyme together, many great things happens without us realizing. The child feels the joy and pleasure and an adult brings out a child inside him or her. A child experiences the rhythm and rhyme in their body, hears the musical notes of the song and hears the language in a different way. New vocabulary, information about places and ideas are introduced to children in a fun, joyful and loving environment.

Nursery rhyme which is often bouncy, stimulates the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and musical development in children and that’s how it take shape of one of the important foundations in a young child development.

Aditya’s Favourite pick-

Engine No 9

Engine engine number 9

When it’s ready it will shine

Engine engine number 9

Then we will ride on

Bombay line.. choo chooo

Happy Reading with your little angels..

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