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How Cell Phones are Mocking at Our Wisdom

Updated on March 25, 2017

We know mobile phones have made great strides in technology. They have made our lives easier because we are able to communicate more quickly. But at the same time, when the same technological advancement is mocking at our wisdom, we have to necessarily pause and think about it. The problem is we have started over-using cell phones. Experts are of the unanimous opinion that too much of cell phones can do harm instead of good. One of the main problems is that over-use of phones can negatively impact family and interpersonal relationships. More particularly, we, as parents, are not able to give our children the "whole" of us.

Too much use of cell phones has also led to a trend called "phone snubbing," that is called "phubbing" in the modern parlance. If you are busy with your cell phone when you are supposed to interact with a person, you are "phubbing" the person. In other words, you are causing damage to your relationship with that person.

Over-use of cell phones not only damages relationships but affects our emotional and mental well-being as well. This means it will take a toll on our overall health.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in checking our phones occasionally, especially when we are expecting some important messages. But if you check your phone very frequently, it shows that you have been affected by an issue called "cell phone addiction." You will be spending considerable time on your phone and this means you will be stealing from the time you are supposed to spend with the members of your family. Remember that all of us are already leading busy lives. So, if you are spending whatever time left with you on your mobile devices, you will not be left with any time to spend with your children, parents or partner.

According to Dr. James A. Roberts, Professor of Marketing at Baylor University, who has authored the book "Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone?" and who has done extensive study on phubbing, "The more precious your time is, the more you need to be vigilant about how you spend it." He suggests that everyone of us should necessarily set parent-to-child and spouse-to-spouse time that is completely phone-free.

Not only that, it is rude behavior if you keep texting and looking at messages when you are supposed to interact with people. This may not only spoil relationships but may cause depression in the children, parents or partner who have been ignored. Dr. Roberts says, "Relationships are the cornerstone of our happiness." "Phubbing makes us feel bad, but even worse, it leads to unhappiness and depression."

Dr. David Greenfield, who has founded the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction, says, "When someone is in a room with us and is on the phone, we feel like we are in an unsafe situation on a primitive level."

Further, over-use of cell phones is addictive. Dr. Roberts adds, "It's cellularitis—a socially transmitted disease." "When other people use their cell phones, we do it too in self-defense."

So, what are the other negative effects of over-use of cell phones?

1. You are supposed to be a role model for your children. When you over-use your cell phones, your kids will also learn that habit.

2. Over-use of phones can kill our creativity because the habit can change our thinking pattern. You will have no time to be creative.

3. It has been found that those who over-use their cell phones sleep less and spend less time on other important activities such as exercising, working, etc.

4. Human attention capabilities are very limited. Dr. Greenfield points out, "If you're with your child for five hours but you are on the phone constantly during that time, it's not a really spending time with her." Especially, if you are focusing on your mobile phone when your children wish that you should pay attention to what they say or do, they may feel bad.

Over-use of cell phones is a real addiction problem. If you are not able to come out of the habit, it is better you talk to an addiction counselor.


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