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How I evolved into the person that I am today because of my mother!

Updated on January 18, 2013

This hub is a complete dedication to my mother as a special honor on her 50th birthday (June 16, 2012). She is my pillar of strength and my life is incomplete without her. She is everything to me and my world revolves around her. She molded me into the person I am today!

About my mother

Let me tell you about my mother. My mother's parents named her Chamundeeswari after a Hindu goddess, who is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is a typical family woman with strong morals and values. She is blessed with wisdom, practicality and maturity. She always speaks her mind and follows her heart. Due to her inborn sensibility and keen intelligence, her family members often relied on her for advice and consulted her on several important matters since she was a teenager! With her Sun sign in Gemini, she is sociable, jovial and likes to joke; with her Moon sign in Scorpio, she is extremely hardworking, determined and resourceful; and with her Venus sign in Cancer, she is very helpful, caring and loving. My mother is an ideal daughter, sister, wife and mother, all rolled together into a wonderful human being. She is the woman behind my father's success. She is not only part of my success story but also my entire life story!

How one fateful day changed our lives forever!

Two decades ago, my parents and I, then aged 4, was a tight knit happy family till I got afflicted with an unexpected problem due to heavy medication - hearing impairment. Like every other parents, my parents were shocked and shattered but managed to pick themselves up and decided to challenge life. My mother ensured that I led a normal life like any other normal kid. She worked very hard from morning to night, teaching me to talk, master the language of English and read books. Thus, as a result of my mother's efforts, my life changed for better. First I joined the school for children with hearing impairment for a brief period and then got enrolled in a normal school. Then I started doing normal things, interacting with people normally and studying in normal educational institutions all because of my mother!

16 things about my mother

This number of qualities of my mother coincides with my mother's birth date which falls on June 16th. This special list indicates that I am who I am because of my mother!

My mother is my........

1. Motivator

She encouraged me a lot in studies, creative hobbies, endeavours and career and I indeed succeeded in all these pursuits. She fostered creative interest in me and stimulated me to take part in various extra curricular activities. She motivated me to succeed in everything I attempted in life.

2. Teacher

When I was a child, before attending school, she home-schooled me and taught me English in a step by step manner. Under her teaching, my speech and language skills improved rapidly. Thanks to my mother, I was admitted in a reputed school and the rest is history.

3. Leaning Shoulder

Whenever I have problems in life, be it small or big like low marks in subjects, dealing with difficult people, etc, I turn to my mother. She always assures me with a motherly smile that I will be fine. She always listens to whatever problem I relate to her and she often comes up with good solutions to my problems.

4. Helper

During my school days, I often asked my mother to clear my doubts in tough subjects like mathematics and economics. She immediately cleared my doubts. She gave me invaluable tips on how to tackle the exam papers on time. Her smart tips worked wonders and I passed all my exams with flying colors throughout my academic career.

5. Advisor

My mother advised me to be a good human being. She instilled firm values in me such as discipline, diplomacy, punctuality, honesty and dedication. She counselled me to face both success and failure with an open mind. She created an urge in me never to give up and keep fighting all the way to ultimate success.

6. Spiritual guide

My mother is a person of sound mind. She advocated the importance of tolerance and calmness. She taught me that no human being is born completely perfect and I learnt to overlook others' faults. Above all, she wisely stated that life is like a balance scale for everyone and it is up to us to balance our lives well on our own, using our rationality.

7. Confidante

I am blessed to have shared a warm and cordial mother-daughter relationship with my mother over the years. I often disclosed my private matters to my mother and she is a good secret-keeper. As a result of this comfortable and understanding bond between us, my life is peaceful and secure without any major problems.

8. Supporter

I recall that as a child, my mother always accompanied me to school events where I participated in dance and sports programs. She did everything for me from deciding my jewelry and costumes required for the dance schedules to cheering me when I received prizes for my achievements in school.

9. Decision maker

I admit that I was bit indecisive when it came to making higher education and career choices. My mother enabled me to choose the options that suited me best and made me happy. Now my life has progressed well as planned. I have completed my masters in business administration. Now I work in a good company. I owe all my accomplishments to my mother.

10. Patron

My mother brought out the creative side of me. She acknowledged my homemade crafts to a great extent that she displayed them at home. I often created homemade cards and gifts for my mother on special occasions. My mother preferred these handmade presents to the ones purchased at shops. She also encouraged me to pursue jewelry-designing and creative writing seriously.

11. Cooking instructor

My mother is a skilled cook. She had learnt cooking since childhood. She makes delicious non-vegetarian dishes, savory vegetarian snacks and yummy desserts. She keeps in mind that the food cooked at home is not only tasty but also healthy. She took me under her wing and I enjoyed cooking new dishes with her.

12. Story-teller

Another recollection of childhood memories with my mother is that we read our favorite book daily. My mother spun interesting stories from the book which is a dictionary for children with pictorial illustrations. We often referred to this book as the green book because of its green cover. This was done to inspire me to read books and after that, I became an avid reader.

13. Fashion expert

My mother is a meticulous dresser and knows how to apply the right make-up. My mother often got the compliments from many relatives and friends for her good sense of fashion. She shared some useful make-up tips with me and also helped me in selecting the right clothes which also earned me appreciation from those known to me.

14. Fitness guru

My mother is very particular about the well-being and health of her family. She did not believe in diet fads and so-called quick weight loss. She stated that regular exercise and eating healthy are the correct ways to lose weight. On her suggestion, I adopted dance work out as part of my daily exercise routine and the results are progressively beneficial.

15. Well-wisher

My mother took good care of my welfare from the first day of my life. She took her duty of motherhood very seriously. Her major dream is to see me as a successful and happy individual. She has her own problems in life but this did not stop her from fulfilling her duties in taking care of me. This unique trait of hers made me proud to call her my mother.

16. Friend

I and my mother have a lot in common. We love watching movies, eating out and going for vacations. We often chat, joke and poke fun at each other. We enjoy playing many indoor games such as card games, word games, etc. We like to shop together and help each other in selecting the suitable items for ourselves. Nothing is better than spending my time and sharing the cherished moments with my beloved mother!

A special mention of my mother

My mother is the most important person in my life with whom I embarked upon a journey filled with love, care and affection. My mother is my inspiration and role model. I learnt so much from her and I would like to emulate her in every way when I enter motherhood in the near future. We too have our share of disagreements and arguments but this did not stop us from nurturing a beautiful mother-daughter relationship!

Copyrights © 2012 By Ishwaryaa Dhandapani


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