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How to Build a Solid Family Relationship

Updated on April 27, 2020
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Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He used to work in the fields of PR, Publishing & Internet Marketing. Now, he is a freelance writer.


What you need to do?

Proper time management is one of the most important keys to resolve this issue. For people like you, knowing how to carefully divide your time between career and family is essential. If you want to keep that healthy and strong connection, you must learn how to make a plan for significant recreational activities for your family.

Do you have a closer relationship with your bosses and colleagues than your children?

Let’s face it, you are working hard to succeed in building rapport with your colleagues. You strictly obey company rules and policies and sometimes, your compliance goes beyond the system—building personal relationships with your bosses. It is because you would like to leave an impression of reliance and efficiency. You work religiously to keep the job that you really love doing and that pays you good money—even at the expense of your family’s relationship. As a result, you lost grip of what is important to your family—time and connection.

How will you address this kind of situation?

It’s not unethical to build good relationships with employers, but family neglect is. Bond with your family regularly. Take your family on an exciting out-of-town trip. Take part in the online games that they enjoy playing or watch good movies together. Why not plan a cookout by the beach or take a countryside sight-seeing adventure? Exploring a new town or visiting a relative can be a thrilling plan. Or, better yet, just encourage your family to stay at the kitchen and help each other cook or bake something you want to eat. Find time to consider these family bonding ideas, these will actually benefit you.

Do you promptly deliver the demands of your company rather than giving the needs of your children expeditiously?

Just for you to realize it, you are always talking about work and making it your reason to forget about the needs of the family. At home, you are still preoccupied with work-related stuff, trying to deliver quality outputs on time. Your focus is to give your best shot at your career to keep it and even plod away for the purpose of promotion. Lest you forget, your children need your attention. They also need your presence at school programs and parents-teachers meetings, and other events that require your attendance.

Think about your choices

Which is the least of your priority?

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What are you going to do with it?

Learn how to set your priorities. Always know the needs of your family and keep them on top of the others. The needs of your family could be tangible materials—food, tools, supplies, school requirements, clothes, and other stuff—and money. But the most important need that you must provide immediately are those intangible materials such as time, affection and even company.


A better to way to start

There are so many ways to strengthen family intimacy. But why not take an out-of-town trip for a start? Going into an exciting and fun-filled adventure together is a better way to inspire openness and support for each other. A long drive could change your perspective about what a family is all about. When you embark on this trip, just make sure you have all the things you need on the road ready and ensure your automobile is in good running condition. Here are a few “what to bring” things during this trip.

Cash and Essential Documents

Troubles can happen along the way so it’s better to be prepared. Before hitting the road, make sure you have your cash ready. It is the wisest way to prepare for any problem and for any good stuff your family could buy along the way. Equally important, don’t forget your driver’s license and other necessary documents that you may need on the road.

Garments, Gears and Gadgets

Since this is a long trip, you may discover nice spots to enjoy like a beach, a mountain resort, or a park. You will never know if you would need a call for help, a gear for a swim and dry clothes to change to after a good dip. Of course, you will need your phone and other gadgets for direction, communication, entertainment, and photo-shooting purposes. Bringing extra clothing, common gears and useful gadgets or devices provide reassurance and peace of mind while you are traveling.

Tool Box and Backup Tires

You have to be ready for the unexpected. Having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere could be frustrating—or risky. For a long drive aimed at having a great time with your family, you can’t risk ruining the trip with a flat tire. So, safety kit, tool box and spare tires should be prepared prior to hitting the road.


There could be many other important reminders you need to consider, but I find the aforementioned tips very important and helpful. However, if you have a responsible and intelligent driver—safe, defensive, observant, and obedient—you don’t have to worry too much while you are on the road.

Building a strong family bond entails hard work, love and commitment. If family does matter to you, that should be on top of your priorities. You should always keep your children close, listen to their needs and make sure you have enough time for your family. In return, each member will do his or her part, too. It’s always good to sleep peacefully with your family and wake up alive and happy knowing that your bond is secured.


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