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How To Choose the Cutest and the Most Comfortable Baby Shoes

Updated on December 9, 2012

How To Choose the Cutest and the Most Comfortable Baby Shoes

Children's shoes specially baby shoes should be comfortable. One thing about baby's shoes is that they are not usually used as often because babies grow up faster and they need different size almost every two months, so when parents buy baby shoes, they take into consideration not how many shoes their baby have but how comfortable the shoes are -- it goes with choosing shoes which are inexpensive but comfortable.

Parents can always buy another pair of baby shoes if the baby's feet becomes bigger again. Aside from wearing comfortable shoes baby shoes in itself are all cute -- (well babies are cute already), we as parents want our babies to wear the cutest apparel and clothing for our little darlings, including shoes.

Some of the guidelines on how to choose the cutest and most comfortable shoes are stated here to help parents choose the appropriate shoes for their babies.

When children are not comfortable with their choose they keep on fidgeting and trying to kick their feet and removed once they know how to do it. Even adults can become uncomfortable if their shoes are too big, too thick and it is not appropriate shoes for the weather or particular activities.

How To Choose the Most Comfortable Shoes for your baby

Usually babies don't wear a pair of shoes most of the times specially when they are at home (and they just stay in playpens or cribs), but when they go out and they need one, it is nice if they can be comfortable on it while they wear it. Add the cutest shoes and you will enjoy dressing them up.

  • Comfortable baby shoes doesn't mean that they are expensive in order for them to be comfortable. Since they change shoes as they are growing faster, comfortable and inexpensive but well fit shoes are nice for babies.
  • Comfortable baby shoes must be just right, not too tight and not too big for the baby. get the exact pair of baby shoes. Sometimes we want the baby shoes we buy to be used for longer time and then we gave allowance but then the baby just become uncomfortable when they wear they if it is too loose or too tight for them.
  • Consider the weather : In general during winter, thick shoes are preferred. During winter, shoes is needed with the socks for the cold weather, it should be thick and high. It is the opposite in the summer season where they can wear shoes which the toes are showing. Baby boys can wear ordinary tennis shoes or rubber shoes while baby girls can wear sandals which are cool and comfortable in itself during summer.
  • The type of shoes babies can wear depends on their locomotor activities. Any kind of shoes are ok for babies when they are not yet learning to walk, just crawling and sitting down. Rubber or tennis shoes are needed when they start to walk and explore outside the house. When they are just learning to walk, shoes would be well tied with the shoelaces and that it should be comfortable.
  • Thickness and thinness of shoes are dependent on the weather
  • Consider that there are some fabric of shoes which babies are allergic to
  • Shoes for practice walking should be lighter
  • Baby shoes should have soft soles
  • The shoes should not be complicated, a strap on shoes is the best, and not shoes with complicated shoelaces which takes time to put into the babies feet
  • There are available knitted shoes -- baby booties -- for those who are three months and younger which are very soft and comfortable.

We want our babies to wear the most comfortable shoes we can buy because it is part of caring for them -- they are basic needs

Some of the comfortable shoes for baby girls are :

  • bow dress shoes for baby girls,
  • slip on shoes
  • and cut out shoes.

For baby boys, since there are few choices, there are comfortable ones which doesn't have complicated shoe laces. Basic rubber and sneakers are best specially when it is time to start to walk. There are also slip on shoes for baby boys and light sneakers.

Baby shoes, baby bootie for younger infdants and babies -- three months and younger

How to choose the cutest shoes for your baby

Comfortable and cutest are the key words.

How to choose which baby shoes is cutest for our little darlings? Here are some guides for parents :

  • For most of us who like dressing up babies, we want the cutest form head to toes, accessories and all plus the shoes, so we buy shoes that goes with the overall set and colors of their clothes. Children can be cute in all colors but choose colors which will go with other set of baby's clothes you already have
  • For baby girls, black or brown cute shoes goes with different colors of clothes, same with baby boys, but of course we are allowed to use other colors, babies are cute and lovely with different lively colors.
  • Since babies are also invited to children parties -- from Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and if there are themes in the parties, it is nice to pair and choose shoes that goes with their costumes if there are costumes in the parties they are going to attend.
  • The color of the shoes usually wore during baby's Christening is white.


Shoes are part of babies clothing and apparels and as parents we want to make sure that babies shoes are comfortable. Baby shoes should be the exact size (not too loose and not too tight) so that they can move freely and with ease. Babies shoes should also be weather appropriate as the baby's feet are susceptible to colds and they might get frozen feet during winter. It is the opposite during the summer where babies can wear shoes which are lighter. Other considerations for choosing the most comfortable shoes is the activity and the locomotor ability of the baby. There are appropriate shoes for walking and for those babies who are learning to walk.In all these conditions, comfortability is very important in the choice of babies shoes.

The cutest baby shoes are paired with the baby's clothing to make them more stylish and fashionable like for example the color of the babies should go with the color of the baby's clothes. This doesn't mean that you need to get dozen or more pair of baby shoes, they can go with colors like brown or black colors -- which can be paired to different colors of clothes. We can buy inexpensive baby shoes at different department stores and online stores, just parents should make it sure that you got the exact and right size and bring the measurement (width and length) of your baby's feet when you go to store. Happy shopping for baby's shoes!


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