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How to Entertain Your Toddler on a Rainy Day

Updated on April 14, 2018
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While your toddler enjoys his sleep more than anything else, there are days when the little one maintains the extremely bottomless energy. This leaves you desperate for finding ideas to keep your baby occupied. You love keeping them active and take them out-sun or rain to entertain your toddler. But then things get tricky when it's that time of the season where the weather doesn't permit to be out a lot. Yes, you are right: the happy Rainy Days when you are tied with the thought of keeping up with your toddler's vitality and the weather outside.

So instead of using the little remain energy in you and not being sure about how to entertain your toddler at home, arm your energy with the awesome indoor toddler activities. To keep the confusion away from picking out of various activities, here are three best ways to keep your little angle entertained on a rainy day. Each of these activities are easy, pretty common as well helps your child develop some creative taste. Let's learn about the ways to entertain your toddler at home.

Entertain your toddler with some new learnings
Entertain your toddler with some new learnings

1. Entertain Your Toddler With Bit of Learning:

A rainy day is a perfect day to settle down in your room inside a comfy blanket and pick some flashcards, play games with letter magnets, counting game, or cuddle up with children books. If your child seems not interested in something very educational, pull out legos and blocks and build a city and a story out of it. This will not only keep your baby engaged in making the blocks, but will also enhance their creative outlook. Let your kids choose the games and engage them by praising your baby for doing it so well.

Rainy day box
Rainy day box

2. Make a Rainy Day Box

How about you prepare for those rainy days in advance by making a rainy day box. Distract your baby boomer with a box full of everything new: stickers, crayons, paints, new playing dough, new toys, new stuffed animals, new DVDs etc. Since the special rainy day box will have new stuff, every time it would rain your baby would be extra excited to see his special box. You can spend all your time bonding with your toddler while playing with paints, dough, and other rainy day box stuff.

Discover new games
Discover new games

3. Discover Some New Games

While your baby keeps playing his usual toys every day, you can discover few new games for the rainy day special. Give your baby the bed covers and sheets and let them make a tent, fort, cave or a house for themselves. Throw some balls or rolled up socks into the basket or hide a doll or stuffed animal in the house and have them find it for you in return for a reward.

While there are many games such as origami, bowling at home, cooking, DIY art, the important thing is to encourage your toddler to participate and always appreciate and praise their actions. So, when the bad weather comes, staying inside can be really fun if you know how to make a game out of anything. Hopefully, these three simple ideas to entertain your toddler lets you have fun on a rainy day.

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