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How To Keep Cloth Diapers Clean And Fresh

Updated on October 15, 2010

Using cloth diapers for baby is great for the environment and saves money but the trade of is the poopy smell in the bathroom and the constant washings to keep the baby cloth diapers clean. To keep your babies cloth diapers clean and fresh and minimize the icky poopy smell of dirty diapers, keep a bucket with a lid can in the bathroom but out of childrens reach.

If you don't have a bucket with a lid to use for soaking, they are cheap to buy at places like Walmart and Target. You'll find them either in the storage area or more commonly in the gardening department.

cleaning cloth diapers
cleaning cloth diapers

The Bucket Method To Keep Cloth Diapers Clean And Fresh

This method will allow your diapers to soak until washing, while also helping to reduce the diaper smell in the bathroom.

  • Fill bucket or container each day with a combination of water and 20 Mule Team Borax. Use 1/2 cup of Borax to bucket full of warm water.
  • After dumping any solids into the toliet, put dirty cloth diaper into the bucket.
  • Place lid back on and allow to soak until you are ready to wash.

By keeping the cloth diapers in the bucket to soak, the lingering soiled clothing smell in the house is diminished and your baby cloth diapers will retain their original softness longer.

Adding Babies Other Laundry

The borax soaking method isn't just for baby cloth diapers. Soiled burp cloths, baby wash rags, babies bedding, and clothing can all be put into the bucket until ready to wash. This is one of those household cleaning tips that can apply to many areas of the house.

All laundry should be washed in a reasonable amount of time. Do not leave laundry to soak in bucket more then 24 hours. Always change the water in the morning to ensure freshness.

ALWAYS keep bucket lid on and out of reach of children.


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