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How To Raise Smarter kids And For Real

Updated on September 6, 2012

Focus on his/her abilities from birth

We don't want to go into details, but we can agree on this one; that we all were born with different capabilities. Some girls became better psychologists and translators than us boys. On the average is gradually changing. Boys have had an edge on Math for the longest. We can blame it on the Ancient Civilizations rules of life; just after Madame Curie, things started to change.

Learn to study With Them down to their level

Ever seen your wife/hubby, having a hard time trying to explain to his/her kid how to get through the daily homework? First things first: take those extra 3 minutes to check their notes before hollering and end up getting your kid scare to death. Just put yourself in his/her shoes. Many of our readers will relate to this...."Yeah! No wonder I never wanted to ask dad anything!"

Introduce fun games when He/ she is doing his/her Homework

Become a child again if you can; be ready to crack a little joke. The kid will loosen up and will surely embrace you..." for life"

Surprise them with an achievement award.

Remember when you and I were kids? We wanted to have that bike so bad or that Roller skate. Now your kid would love to get a little bonus after Christmas, without even knowing that 'you' will get something cute/nice/awesome after praising his/her achievements. If your child knows you so well, by the time they turn 13 or 14, they will be doing their Homework on their own, knowing that you are a 'compassionate' dad/mom, when it comes to give allowances or incentives of any kind.

Emphasize that is not that we were born smart, but we could go as far as we want to.

The sky is the limit. When we were 13 we wanted to find out what this Geo or Trig was all about, and opened those Encyclopedias on those chapters and took away our fears. We even asked our dad what was the best way to learn another language. We already wanted to relate a word to a feeling, or this subtle archaic mnemonic point of view.

But we remembered, and we see ourselves asking our father and suggesting our intentions. If you already know that your kid is going to become a surgeon, take the lead and visit a local Hospital with them. If your kid loves Science go to Museums, If she/he likes music, then Google some options: Guitar lessons, ballet, summer camps. We know for sure, we were born unique and able to fit into this World.

Look out for a better diet:

-If breastfed, fatty acids went ahead and gave him/her an extra early push.

-Avoid food with artificial colors...those that stick in their tongues.

-Eliminate sugary meals, eggs and milk, yep! Sorry!

-The more sugar the less attention. When you fall in love, you don't look hard enough!

-Omega-3 pills to increase memory and concentration

-Find food rich in glucose for retention: sweet potatoes, beans, bananas, cassava...just get your best pick. This is actually the 'Octane fuel' for the brain.

-Change gradually from the crappy junk food to fruits and wheat bread or enriched cereals.

-Meat, cheese, fish, and nuts yogurt, are needed for the development of those neurotransmitters that connect those information processing thoughts. Protein= amino-acids compounds.

-Kids are beyond smart... when you want to introduce organic diets try your best to explain why they are so hyper and give them an example of why you want to make drastic changes.


If you were smart, then your kids most likely will grow naturally from what your genes had in store. Now If not, pray your spouse was, but most likely you both were attracted to each one for different reasons; you fell in love for the full and whole package, then you need to catch up with the rest... of us.

Study your child from birth

You need to find out from the crib, the talents of your child. Maybe is a future Astronaut or a writer. What we mean to say is, keep track of his/her abilities. From Kinder or Pre-K3, just check with your spouse about the developments of your child. By 8 or 9 Grade you should be asking the logical questions and please...yes! try to be a good listener. We take it from granted already that you and your child were friends from the crib, so he/she will trust you with anything. yeah! We meant that sex talk; the bees and the birds...well is 2012, so the talk will go straight to preservatives courtesy of 'YouTube.'


We know we are living in the worst economy in decades, but if you know of a College student or an better do that little homework in finding one (Just think of Melbel) and talk about your child's school problem. Please we are talking about a really extreme... extreme option. If you think you can do it by yourself, you are more than welcome. Next time Melbel!


Do not overemphasise the already won battle against uncertainty. Be cool. Consider going out with your kid and learn to share your own experience from work and from your own childhood


Michael, 26, Electrical Engineer, Senior Airman USAF

Joseph, 18, straight A+ student, just past the test (a week ago) to join the Air Force.


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