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How We Begin Our Journey On Earth

Updated on June 11, 2017
how we draw our reality
how we draw our reality | Source

Our Path

There is a fundamental truth about human beings and the way we relate to each other, and no matter the conditionings the reality of our belief is always manifest, we live in a universe that serves truth, that searches for truth within ourselves and brings that into reality, that which we see and feel. A conversation about personal relationships also has such truth in its practicality, who we get along with, love and share our lives with is manifest in the most natural and simple ways, we love to be around people that bring out peace and happiness in us, the people that care about us, the people that concern themselves with our wellbeing. There is a story to be told and learnt from people who come from families who do not understand the meaning of family, this is a universal lesson that alludes many that ask themselves questions, I am troubled writing this as I know the fate of many who face difficulties within families, the places where they are supposed to feel safe, needed and loved turns to be horror for most, yet as I said this is the universes treasure, this is where we learn that through conscious choice we can build a heaven of love and find a form of family outside bloodlines, where we by conscious choice form new relationships that we are willing to defend with our own blood.

We are born into tribes, villages families, a group of people that shape our understanding of the world, this is the space that we come into in a vulnerable state, where the foolishness of our hearts is exposed, our fears are defined and understanding of love written down, this construct of who we are comes from the identities we generate from groups, and group thought is passed down, in an unfortunate yet lesson-filled experience we inherit the fears of our tribes, our families. The state of consciousness that they are in is the state of consciousness we inherit. This makes us part of the group, this makes us the group.

It is after some time that we begin to form identities outside of this tribe, we meet other people, in schools or work who also come from other tribes that we expose our thoughts to the reconditioning that there is an identity outside of what we know, what we believe in is not all there to life, we know this better when we meet those that do not believe what we believe and learn from their joy and their confidence that indeed there is more, there is no brighter light that we experience than the light of someone’s smile reflected to us, and the possibility that we too can inherit that smile if we open ourselves to learning, with that we grow, and begin the process of opening our minds to more.

While it all seems good, this can be a scary images for our more absolute members of our tribe, the ones who are more set and concrete in the ways of the tribe, lead it and pray for its legacy, lean on its legacy, have a purpose solid on its legacy, it can be a wound to them to encounter the possibilities of migration, the possibilities of group though disintegration, and no matter how small or big the tribe is, you will see them cry and fight for initial and base thought. In this war we either grow a spine full of self-belief or bend to the will of the group, nonetheless, we meet war, with its alluring kindness that makes us betray ourselves or its wrath that forces us out of the group. At this point there is no win, we cannot transform from the inside out, well at least not at this point.

When our journey is expanded and when we can have that seemingly impossible spine to brave out the storm that comes from the war, we meet a new reality, that love can be found universally, that we can find similar identities in so many others, that we share a pain with other people that we begin to identify ourselves with other that we might find and have previously have thought to be strangers that we learn that with certainty that our existence is supported and appreciated more in its true form outside the walls that we come into when we enter this planet. Knowing this consoles and uplifts us. We cling on to this more than we realize, it brings us a lot closer to who we are so hanging on, especially knowing the horrors that we have left behind.

Moving on the universe exposes us further into this truth enabling us to fall in love with its people, the truth is some tribes offer a lot more consciousness than other some are stronger a lot more loving than others, and build the world where some people would want to forever live in them, we might envy and want to be more part of those tribes, because there is an identity held within ourselves that finds comfort in group thought. For some reason, we group thought is so comforting and assuming of truth.

No matter the cracks in new found relations none is as worth clinging into as the self-identification in others. We love the mirrored reflections of ourselves in other people knowing that we have this identity makes us more liberal to live; it reflects what we are into spaces that console and reconcile ourselves. Braver and a lot more afraid we forge with life, or better yet life forges on with us.

a deep look into the journey
a deep look into the journey | Source


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