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How did I become that Mom?

Updated on January 26, 2016


When I had my first child I was only 19 and not the smartest Mom on the block but I gave it my all. I'm proud to say I have a very amazing 15 year old that blows my mind away. When I first had him I was overprotective, naive, competitive and most of all a follower of other Moms. As I look back I can see the change that were in the works to make me "that Mom".

It took me 15 years to become "that Mom" and I can't believe I'm here. After I had my son my body came right back and it wasn't a big deal at all. I didn't own a pair of sweat pants or a baggy t-shirt and if something had holes in went in the trash. I use to judge the other Moms who looked like they hadn't slept in weeks, hair not done and did she really leave the house with no makeup Moms. Here I am today breastfeeding my 4 month old baby, the alarm to the oven going off, in sweats, my most comfertable tank top with holes, chipped fingernail polish and last but not least I don't even know where all my make-up is since my kids played dress up.

I go to bed before my parents, I don't "hit the club" and I don't mind wearing my uggs with my sweats so I don't drop the car seat as I rush over the ice to get all the kids to school. I didn't brush my hair this morning I just threw my hair over and put it in a fashionable "messy bun". I brush my teeth and drink my coffee as fast as I can just to keep up with The start of my day.

I have 5 girls and the oldest 4 all have very long hair that takes forever, they are very fashionable and they argue over anything and everything every single morning of my life. So making sure they look great comes before me and that's ok. I always pick out the clothes the night before but I'm just not the cool Mom anymore.

I have decided to wait to feed my child anything other then breastmilk until she is 6 months old and I plan on making her own baby food. I dont buy soda anymore, avoid the chocolate isle of the store and cook a healthy meal every night. We work out daily so it will be second nature to my kids as they grow in this unhealthy world. I'm surprised I don't have a veggie garden in my back yard...wait....maybe I should start that!

As a Mother of so many children I really never knew I could be so crazy and weird. Who would have thought you could completely loose yourself in raising children to the point your friends wouldn't recognize you out. I know every My Little Pony and we have a whole circus land of ponies in the house.

We sing crazy songs and my son disowns me in many situations. I'm really not sure how he became the only normal one out of all of us. He plays orchestra and we play ponies so it all looks very strange to the outside world.

When I try to go to the bathroom and maybe play candy crush for five minutes my older children bring me the baby because she's crying. When I cook dinner I usually have the baby attached to me and the rest of them huddled around me begging to help, which really means making a mess and dinners going to be a extra thirty minutes. I do at least two loads of laundry a day and they sit on the soda until the baby sleeps for five minutes alone and it usually takes me five naps to finish it but it will be the same tomorrow.

Only a few years ago I was a important business women and working my way up the corporate ladder. When I was laid off it would have been easy to go back to work and continue on with the way life was and have a great looking physical image but I love my life. Sometimes I get frustrated and wish my kids noticed how hard I work cleaning everyday and would help just a little but that's not asking much.

With all my children I never saw the first smile, first tooth, or watch them take the first steps because I was working. My heart melts every time I watch my baby do something new and she thinks I'm amazing even if my hair is a hot mess. Sure I prefer the comfy shirt with a hole in it that my daughter put her handprints on at school one day. I may not be able to say much about the corporate world anymore but I can tell you exactly what each of my children are learning in school right now.

So yes I'm that crazy Mom that you look at funny when you see me but I'm one happy Mom. I don't mind the stares and I know this is temporary but I'm really proud to be this Mom. Not everyone is lucky enough to stay home a few years and enjoy the first smile or the first anything. So everyone can look at me funny and judge me like I use to judge but I'm just so happy being "that Mom'.

Are you "THAT MOM" or Dad?

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