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Woohoo! Men too can spice up their marriages?

Updated on June 11, 2013

Love is a two way process.In reality men have a duty to make their marriages work. How can men liven their marriages? I have often heard of men who can't operate the washing machine, let alone doing the dishes and defrosting the turkey.Gone are the days when women were taken as hewers of firewood,baby producing machines and beasts of should be the norm that men must assume the kingmaker role in relationships.

They shouldn't expect their spouses to be the only ones making an effort to bring a sparkle into their romance - love is a two way process, so be it. A considerate man should always aim to keep the spirit of her loved one up by a lot of creative surprises to his better half. A Considerate and loving man should go that extra mile to keep the fire burning in a relationship. Creative men are assets in relationships. Boring and dogmatic male partners are cancerous in a relationship. Every man out there should make an effort to keep her 'missus' happy.

Men of today must wake up and smell the coffee, they must be seen to take an active role in running the home and making their relationships work. Indeed a hands on approach in the kitchen can bring romantic episodes in a relationship. The world has come of age and is calling for men to break the odds and take an active role in the kitchen. Roasting lamb on a Sunday morning for the 'missus' is a sign of maturity and can entice a partner to be happy, resulting in a happy relationship.Men and women both have the good appetite to eat so they must be seen to be helping each other to prepare those delicious meals in the kitchen. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. The golden rule states that,do to others as you would like them to do to you, so be it, in a relationship.

Men should see to it that they spoil their spouses with those naughty undies and matching cut out bras.They should also take part in cooking a dad's meal for the family once a month. If their spouses have babies they should also assist in changing nappies. It takes two to tango,so be it in looking after the baby.A caring man should always know the birthday of his wife.He should be the first to surprise her with birthday gifts.Men should always remember the year in which their wives were born even from their sleep. They should always know the favorite perfume of their wives by name,the size of shoes they put on and their favorite type of earrings - to know her more the better the results in relationships.

It is of paramount importance that men should avoid choosing friends for their spouses and should not put restrictions on their wives on when and how to socialize.This tends to cause friction in a relationship. Indeed the elders once said, two cocks can't crow at the same time in the same coop.One of the cocks has to lie low in order to promote peace and tranquility. Every woman is proud of her kitchen,she needs to be in control of the kitchen without hindrance from the control freak husband.One elder once whispered to me that the chicken coop is the golden palace of the hen despite the stench. Hence all women need to be in control and be proud of their kitchens despite financial problems.They should be given room to exercise their wisdom in running the home without hindrance from their domineering spouses.

Men should always try to treat their in-laws as they would love to treat their biological parents.In other words they should be generous to their in-laws for this would make their spouses above the moon.In the event of marital problems with their wives the in- laws would come to their rescue. Men should always take their spouses for holiday at least once a year without children so that they have some quality time together as a couple.

Men should always learn to be good listeners in a marriage.They should tolerate criticism and learn to say sorry when need arise.They should give their spouses due respect in the home.Let the wives run the show without interference and unnecessary setbacks. Men should try by all means to give their spouses all the blessings to run the budgets of their homes. The wives should be given freedom and the platform to enjoy their kitchens and plan meals for the family without checks and balances from the male partners.

.Men should learn to baby-sit and dog- sit their wives' Chihuahuas if they have them. Men should learn to treat their wives with respect in the presence of kids. Bad behavior of parents in front of their children begets bad behavior from the children in turn - like father like son becomes the rule of the roost. An iron- fisted husband grooms iron-fisted sons.


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    • samazi profile image

      Masimba Mukichi 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks aplenty.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      you had listed some good points and i wish my man would follow these tasks. Being nice to in laws is one of them. Voted up