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How to discipline children? Easy strategies for parents...

Updated on June 1, 2013

Parenting strategies for disciplining kids with ease and happiness

With growing consumerism and easy access to electronic gadgets, kids may look like different species to handle. They might look cool from outside but inside there can be turmoil. There is an increasing number of incidents of violence, suicide and depression cases among young children. Parents want to help their children but nothing seems to work. The simple reason is if we want to drive a car; we go for lessons and get a driving license. However, when we become parents, we just jump into the ocean and try to swim. Here, are some steps that can make parenting easier.

The best way parents can help children is doing what they preach. Children watch and what they watch impacts more than what they listen. If father is reading book instead of watching television, the high probability is that his child will be copying him. Thus, the easier way is to follow the rules instead of telling the rules repeatedly. This simple transition can save lot of time and energy of busy mothers and fathers.

Listening to children is a good way to open the communication between parent and child. Parents think that they know best for children and need to tell them everything. The good strategy is to listen more and try to understand his or her world. When parents speak less and listen more, the results can be amazing.

Most children are interested in playing, laughing, talking and interacting with everybody. However, when they are exposed to environment where they are inside four walls and everybody is busy with their work, they learn to rely on electronic gadgets. When kids become addicted, parents want to change them. Prevention is better than cure. The more close we live to nature and spend time with each other, the easier our lives will be. Going for long walks with your children and playing outdoor games can be a big boost to parent child relationship. These small and easy steps can make your kids and your life enjoyable.

Unconditional love of parents is the final solution that works when everything else fails. For instance, when children make mistakes, parents tend to feel the pressure to make a big jump. They want to discipline and tell everything they think the kid should do. Quite contrary, the best way to handle such situations is to be patient and give your acceptance unconditionally. When children see that the parents are accepting them no matter what they do, the communication lines are open. The trust grows and love deposits are done in the children's emotional account. In such cases, if parents tell anything once in a while, children are more than happy to follow their advice. Love your children and respect them in same way as you want them to respect you. Such simple steps can give internal strength to the young generation. Then, in difficult or easy situations, children will know how to help themselves and be resilient.


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    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Apryl, thanks for your feedback. I hope these parenting strategies are helping you.

    • Apryl Schwarz profile image

      Apryl Schwarz 6 years ago from Nebraska

      Great and easy parenting tips. Voted up!

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for your feedback. I hope these simple methods are helping new parents.

    • MamaNeedsJava profile image

      Bea Toome 6 years ago from Undisclosed

      Good advice.