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How to Ask Your Parents For Money

Updated on January 16, 2013
A teenager asking money from a parent
A teenager asking money from a parent | Source

These are the days when money is very, very scarce for the kids, especially the teenagers! Teens fall short of their "moolah" regardless how much they have in their pockets. The shopping, parties, food and other useless things bought on impulse contribute to the senseless need for more.

For teenagers, one of the most important uses for money is when they are going out on a date. The anxiety to impress the other person drives them to ask for extra dollars, come high or low waters. Well, it is better to ask than break the rules.

Since it is inevitable teens will need extra money, here are some tips how to ask from your parents:

1) Be honest you need money - Explain and justify your need for money. Your intelligent parents will know if it is important or not. If you are lucky enough, you will get your money without laboring for it.

2) Work for your parents - You are blessed if you own a family business. Your job is just around the corner. All you need to do is to ask.

Others can earn too by doing chores at home. You can help fix something around the house or run errands to earn extra bucks.

3) Show exemplary school performance - There are many activities that you can join at school or in your community. Make sure to let your parents know that you have joined a team in sports, or a club, or a community service.

Parents like to reward an effort exerted at length. The time and hard work you invested in your extracurricular activities will surely pay-off.

4) Show your report card with impressive grades - Bring home an impressive report card. You have 95% chance of getting what you ask for.

Impressive report card doesn't mean you are first in your class. It shows that you are doing well in school to the best of your ability. Go figure what I mean.

5) Meet short term goals - This is the time you promise to achieve something in the near future, and you did. Before agreeing, you can ask your parents if it will be compensated with cash if you succeed. Let us call it as a monetary reward or bonus for meeting your goals set.

Two young boys were spending the night at their grandparents the week before Christmas.

At bedtime, the two boys knelt beside their beds to say their prayers when the youngest one began praying at the top of his lungs.

“I pray for a new bicycle!”

“I pray for a new Nintendo!”

“I pray for a new VCR!”

His older brother leaned over and nudged the younger brother and said, “Why are you shouting your prayers? God isn’t deaf.“

To which the little brother replied, “No, but Grandma is!“ -by jokesduniya

6) Mow the lawn - A classic way to earn from home. Mow the lawn and do it well. You can extend your "mowing" services to your parents' friends - if you get a good referral.

7) Wash your parent's car inside out - Washing a car is no fun. But doing it right and vacuuming the inside, specially those stained carpets and upholstered seats, it will help you earn an extra tip from dad!

8) Use your puppy eyes - This technique may work temporarily. You become cute only once.

9) Do secretarial work for your parents - Parents are mostly loaded with work from office and from home. Since most teens are computer literate, your on-line knowledge usually surpasses your parents' and you will do their job just fine.

You can work on the secretarial duties like typing documents in Word, create Excel spreadsheet, update a website, manage the calendar of appointments, etc.

10) Maintain the household budget - Do the monitoring of the household budget for them. You will record the receipts and expenses on their notebooks or excel spreadsheet. Then do a routine report, like weekly during lunch, on the status of your family spending. Your mom will love it.

11) Walk the dogs - Walk your dogs outside. Take care of your pets and groom them. It is expensive to hire these services professionally.

Your parents can save money if they do it on an alternate, this month from a professional and next month from teenagers. Teens, don't overcharge your parents. You are doing less than half of what the expert does.

12) It is your birthday! - Your birthday is a good time to ask money from parents. On this occasion, usually there are no questions asked.

Timing makes the big difference! Before asking anything, you need to observe around the house. Are the bills piling up on your dining table ? Are you parents dealing with a major problem at work? These are red flags. You have to wait.

Lastly, be polite when you ask money from your parents. Whether you receive what you have asked for or not, your politeness will always strike a chord.


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    • the girls profile image

      the girls 3 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Precy, I think we used similar ways to ask our parents for money :-)

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 3 years ago from USA

      All good tips. Giggled on use your puppy eyes :) I remember I'll be extra good when I'm planning to go out with friends, would wash dishes and clean house then ask for money. :)

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana


    • profile image

      Helen 4 years ago

      I won't to try it on my mum