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How to Be a Tooth Fairy for Your Kids

Updated on March 22, 2015

Super Secret Official Parent's Guide to Being the Tooth Fairy

Be all that you can be. Be the Tooth Fairy.
Be all that you can be. Be the Tooth Fairy. | Source

How Much Money Should the Tooth Fairy Leave?

Wondering how much to leave for a tooth? In this day of instant information, there are actually "tooth fairy calculators" on the Internet and available as apps for your smartphone.

Practical Money Skills For Life - Tooth Fairy calculator by state. Also has a free tooth fairy app available on iTunes.

Visa Tooth Fairy Calculator - Check out Visa's free tooth fairy calculator on the iTunes store.

Tooth Fairy Lore

According to American legend, the Tooth Fairy is a wee sprite, resplendent in fairy-dress of iridescent hues. On her back are fluttery, glittery wings that don't make a sound, though they might leave behind some glitter when she flits in to your home at night to leave a small bit of cash as a token of her appreciation, given in exchange for a baby tooth.

The Tooth Fairy only works at night, quickly flying from house to house, searching for those precious baby teeth. No one knows exactly why she needs all those teeth, but some say it is because she uses them as decoration in the forest where she makes her home. Others say she plants them in her magic garden, growing new teeth for children who have recently lost their own baby teeth. Still others say she uses baby teeth to cast her magic spells to bring health and happiness - and big smiles - to all the children of the world.

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy wears a crown and has a big smile. She loves her job.
The Tooth Fairy wears a crown and has a big smile. She loves her job. | Source


Make yourself a Tooth Fairy magic wand! When your child is grown, you can pass along the wand as a "family heirloom" so that your grown child can continue the Tooth Fairy tradition with your grandchildren.

How to be a Tooth Fairy

The real Tooth Fairy can always use a few able-bodied parents to help with the task of collecting baby teeth! Be mindful that children are often great skeptics, so it is important to fully commit to the responsibility of being the Tooth Fairy for a night.

Some tips on being a great Tooth Fairy:

1. Build anticipation. Begin by "selling" the idea of the Tooth Fairy when your child's tooth is starting to wiggle in its socket. Some children may find the idea of losing baby teeth to be a scary prospect, but any anxiety can be managed by explaining that it is a natural process to make room for permanent "big kid" teeth. This is the right time to start talking about the Tooth Fairy, to build anticipation for her visit. Reading books about the Tooth Fairy is also a fun thing to do. Kids usually are enchanted by the prospect of the Tooth Fairy coming to the house, especially when she will leave real money in exchange for a tooth that fell out anyway.

2. Set the stage. When the tooth falls out, be ready to set the wheels in motion for the Tooth Fairy's visit. If possible, make sure to tire out your child so that he or she will be sleepy and ready for bed, giving you the time you need to complete your Tooth Fairy tasks.

If this is the first tooth to fall out, you may want to write a letter to your child from the Tooth Fairy, expressing how important it is to her and how she will take good care of it. Also, you may wish to use the letter as an opportunity to encourage tooth-brushing and flossing!

3. Have supplies on hand. Well in advance of the first tooth falling out, buy confetti, glitter, curling ribbon, and any special stationary or keepsake containers you'd like or think you'll need. Often times, that first tooth falls out late in the day, when it is too late to do any last minute shopping.

If you do find yourself stuck at the last minute with nothing on hand, and you have your heart set on having lots of decorations, remember that 24 hour pharmacies and grocery stores often sell party supplies. Even a cross-cut home shredder can make colorful paper confetti in a pinch.

4. Memorize "The Plan" (see Super Secret Official Parent's Guide to Being the Tooth Fairy.) Decide in advance what you want to do, whether you will write a letter, leave money in an envelope or simply place it under the child's pillow, and how much "evidence" the Tooth Fairy will leave behind in the form of glitter, confetti, and ribbon curls.

The Plan itself begins as soon as your child falls asleep. Working quickly, retrieve your Tooth Fairy supply bag that you have previously hidden away and that contains all of your Tooth Fairy necessities. Then:

  • Make up an envelope containing an appropriate amount of money for the tooth or teeth lost, and add some glitter.
  • Make ribbon curls and ready confetti and glitter.
  • With magic wand, ribbon curls and envelope in hand, quietly enter your child's room and swap the envelope for the tooth.
  • Sprinkle ribbon curls around the bed.
  • Exit room.
  • Walking backwards, create a trail of glitter, confetti, and ribbon curls from the child's bedroom door and down the hall. Remember that the Tooth Fairy does not usually fly in a straight line, but in a wide zig-zaggy path. Try not to leave a glitter path leading to your room.
  • Wash glitter from hands, put away extra supplies.
  • Hide away Tooth Fairy supply bag until needed.

5. Save the tooth in your own special hiding spot. Before your child loses that first tooth, decide where you will keep the baby teeth that you will be collecting. A nice keepsake container is a good idea, though some parents save away those precious teeth in vaults and bank safe deposit boxes. Do whatever works best for you.

At some point, you may wish to reveal your role as a Tooth Fairy surrogate to your child. When that time comes, you'll be able to share your keepsake container with your child. Only when your child is grown should you pass along your official Tooth Fairy magic wand, in hopes that he or she will use it to continue the magic with your grandchildren.

Tooth Fairy Books and Movies


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