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How to Create a Positive Attitude about School and Learning

Updated on August 29, 2013
First Day of School??
First Day of School?? | Source

Positive Attitude Starts at Home

A positive attitude about school starts a home with the parents. This means that your attitude about school is reflected on your child from the way you feel about your own schooling to how you feel about their school environment. Your actions, both verbal and non verbal, will have an impact on your child's attitude about school.

This may also apply to what the student experience from their older siblings and other around them. Peer pressure to like or not like school; becomes very real for kids of all ages.

Learn how to create a positive image of school and learning for your child and keep your child excited about learning.

Love School & Learning
Positive Starts at Home
Creating a Positive School Attitude
Is School Valued?
Supporting Teachers
Creating a Positive Attitude
Positive Words

Creating a Positive Focus of School

  • Talk about the great things they will learn and do at school before it starts.
  • Ask about there day, specifically about learning.
  • Encourage them to read or read to them.
  • Play math games as you are out and about with things in everyday life.
  • Make learning fun around the home through play and age appropriate lessons.
  • Cooking uses lots of math, let them help you and expose them to fractions at a young age.
  • Be present at school functions whenever possible.
  • Know and understand that school concerts and programs are not optional for you or them.
  • Keep in touch with their teacher so that they know you communicate and are working together.
  • Get excited about what day of the week it is at school, my child loves Tuesdays because it is gym day. Find something to be excited about.
  • Reward success, not bribery or constant rewards but praise and love to reward success at school.
  • Help kids when they are struggling, this lets them know that they are important and so is school.
  • Support the school by helping out and being active.
  • Make nice with other students parents, become part of the community.
  • Buy all of the necessary school supplies whether you agree with the list or not. If your child shows up the first day and is the only one without a specific supply....
  • Ask specific questions about school not just the general how was it.
  • Create a place and time for them to complete school work and make it part of the daily routine.

Making School Fun

Fun at School!
Fun at School! | Source

Is School Valued?

Is school a valued part of your culture, family, and lifestyle? Think about the way you were raised and what the expectations were. College was always an expectation and not a choice growing up, but the path on the way there was not always the most supportive.

There are three very important things to consider here.

Culture is a major factor in how students react to school and form attitudes about school. If your culture does not support school and does not show it value it will give the student a negative attitude towards school. in some cultures only males are valued in the educational system causing female students to have negative attitudes towards schooling in their culture.

Family can have a very strong affect on the students attitudes of school. If the family does not support school and act in a way that values school the student will also not value school.

Lifestyle can have a major impact on the student s focus and attitude towards school if the student is not set up to be successful in school because of the way the life is structured the student will be less successful and that can create negative feelings towards school. One of the major lifestyle choices that often takes away from school is sports. Sports are great, they create confident, healthy kids, but it shouldn't be at the expense of education and learning. In all of my years of teacher I have seen kids as young as 4th grade refuse to do school work or complain that football practice was more important than doing homework or getting a note signed. I am not a huge homework teacher so my homework usually takes 5-10 minutes for an average student. When kids that young are already telling me sports are more important I can only imagine what will happen when they get to high school.

School Excitement

Has your child always been excited about school?

See results

Support the Teacher in Your Words

Support your child's teacher with your words and actions. You are not going to love every teacher that your child has in fact you may hate some of them. The most important thing is that your child does not know that you dislike their teacher.

We have had teachers we have loved and one we have hated. Even when my child has not loved his teacher it is important to keep a good front because otherwise the attitude of your child at school may hinder them.

No Negative in Front of your Child

Do not say anything negative about school, teachers, or learning in front of your child. This negativity will lead them to have negative feelings of their own about school even if they did not feel that way to begin with.

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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      5 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Having been married to a teacher for thirty plus years, I echo every word of this article. I also worked in the school system in the special education department. It was readily evident those students who had family support during their schooling and those who did not. It makes a world of difference for our kids when we speak positively of school and support their learning and school activities. Thanks for writing!


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