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Quick Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Write

Updated on August 16, 2015
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Peachpurple loves to share ideas and opinions on various topics

Day 2, Hub #2

lots of writing tools in recycle jar
lots of writing tools in recycle jar | Source

Reasons Why People Are Not Writing

People around the world are spending more time at the computer, handsets and Ipads. According to a market survey, approximately 5 million of people in the world have at least a computer and a notebook at home.

Freelance writers, authors, journalist and even students are using keyboards too often, typing ideas, writing journals, homework or anything that comes into mind, People are not keen in writing with pens and papers anymore, which are consider outdated, troublesome or just plain lazy to write. I heard from a friend of mine commented that typing is high standard and “class” than writing.

Teachers and Parents Should Set A Good Example

  1. Children and students in particular, should be encouraged to write by hand, especially teachers and parents who are their mentors.
  2. Adults should set a good example by writing frequently in front of the children.
  3. Show them that writing is faster, easier, a healthy way to exercise your hand.
  4. It doesn’t matter whether the spellings or grammar mistakes as when you type into your computer, there are built-in spelling checker and grammar construction software to hint your mistakes.
  5. In addition, it is also a wonderful way to improve your spelling and grammar too. Here are a few tips to help you and your children to cultivate the habit of writing by hand.

1. Store up Writing Tools

Store up some writing tools at home. Put the rough papers, writing pads, good quality pens preferably ball pens beside the telephone. Most people who are on the phone start to panic when they couldn’t find any writing tools or faulty pens without ink when they are in need to jot down important contact numbers, address or names urgently.

Keep writing tools which are frequently used such as colorful ink pens, pencils and small note pads around the house to encourage family members to write as freely as they want. Discard all empty ink pens, sharpen the blunt pencils and replace new note pads or rough papers when there is shortage.

I always write a list whenever I am short of something
I always write a list whenever I am short of something | Source

2. Write a Shopping List

When your children request for chocolate or ice-cream, tell them to write down the list of food items and the things that they wanted in a shopping list.

Put the shopping list onto the door of the refrigerator where everyone could see when he / she is in the kitchen. You will be surprised to see the list gets longer day by day.

Alternatively, if your children request for a new handset, a new school bag or shoes, ask them to write individual wish list, fold and drop them into a “Wish Box”. Allow your kids to pick up a wish list on special occasion for a special treat; Birthdays or Public Holidays.

Do you keep a shopping list at home?

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I handmade this Birthday Card for my teen daughter with handwritten words
I handmade this Birthday Card for my teen daughter with handwritten words | Source

3. Write a Letter or Birthday Card

When a someone’s birthday is around the corner, consider writing a birthday card and sent it by mail. Sending email, e-greeting websites to your friends, client, and family members are fast and easy but a written birthday card brings more meaning to the recipient. The truth is, when you write a letter or card by hand, you are taking some time and effort to show them that you care and cherish their friendship. However, do write neatly, avoid scribbling like a doctor’s handwriting. Use a pen with sufficient ink , don’t scribble or cross out words because nobody could understand or figure out what you wrote .

Besides that, write letters to pen-pals, distant relatives, ex-classmates or ex-colleagues. Writing letters help to improve and renew friendship and relationship with a great deal. It means that you still care, remember them even though both of you have not seen each other for a long time. Hand written letters are much appreciated by the recipients and they would usually keep your letters safely for memories or may read the letters when they missed you.

Pencils and Papers are my SAVIOUR!
Pencils and Papers are my SAVIOUR! | Source

4. Jot down Notes

If your occupation requires you to write a lot, jot down important sort notes on your writing pad with a pencil rather than ballpoint pen. Write your points in bullet format; erase incorrect sentences easily instead of crossing them out which makes the whole thing looks messy and irritating.

Don’t worry about your spellings and inappropriate grammar sentences. After you have typed them into your computer, there is built-in spelling and grammar checker which would highlight your mistakes and you can correct them immediately. No doubt that typing out your notes into your computer may be easy and convenient but spending too much time sitting in front of the computer may cause you sore eyes, aching back and muscle ache on the neck and shoulders. Hence, it is best to spend more time sitting in your comfortable sofa or bed and write with whatever comes into your mind.

I have vintage postcards and love to send them to my family and friends
I have vintage postcards and love to send them to my family and friends | Source

5. Write Postcards

When your family is on a travelling trip in other foreign country or back to your hometown, encourage your children to pick out lovely postcards from bookstores, gift shops and have them to write postcards back home about their enjoyable trip.

When children write postcards, they are always full of expressions, write the truths about their feelings and they learn new words which they had not encounter yet. Therefore, writing helps them to improve their vocabulary, grammar and spellings too. It is “Killing two birds with one stone”. A great proverb for this point.

making a good habit to write the diary daily
making a good habit to write the diary daily | Source

Do you keep a diary? Do you write your diary everyday?

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6. Keep a Diary

In order to improve your handwriting skills, it is a good habit to keep a personal diary to write down all your thoughts, secrets and feelings that had been kept in your heart for a long time.

Writing a diary is far better than writing in your Facebook where everyone knows your secrets. Keeping a diary provides an important keepsake and memories that value to your future generations for years to come. Furthermore, if you can't trust anyone, trust your diary. It keeps your secrets forever and ever.

If you do not want anybody to know your secrets, keep a diary and hide it in your wardrobe is the best hiding place of all!

© 2012 peachy


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    • peachpurple profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home


      I had participated the hubpage challenge for 30 days.

      Day 2 means 2nd day of the challenge, #2 means number 2 hub ( post ) submitted

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      4 years ago


      Haha...I would say certainly accept that :)

      I am being curious...what is Day 2, Hub #2?

    • peachpurple profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      indeed, kids are smarter and lazier compare to our days

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      4 years ago


      I agree with you. We always need to come up with new tricks and strategies :)

    • peachpurple profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks very much, it is up to parents to think of the tricks under our sleeves

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      4 years ago


      Very nicely written hub. I love the way you have written this good tricks and examples.

      Excellent work.

      Bless you.

    • peachpurple profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Thanks, we parents had to showthe right path so that out kids will follow

    • Breanne Ginsburg profile image

      Breanne Ginsburg 

      6 years ago

      I think this is a great article. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are people that can't stand to read or write. I think you mentioned some great way to motivate both children and adults to write more! I especially love the idea of keeping pads of paper around!

    • peachpurple profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      @wabash annie

      Glad that you enjoyed reading this hub. I realized that most people are depending on latest technology to write and totally forgotten how to use handwritten notes besides signing credit cards .

    • wabash annie profile image

      wabash annie 

      9 years ago from Colorado Front Range

      I really enjoyed this hub and the pictures added a lot. I, too, am concerned about future written language skills and make it a point NOT to use the popular 'text' communication format but use appropriate spelling, punctuation, etc.


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