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How to Get Pregnant with A Male Child

Updated on March 16, 2015

Once you've started your married life with your honey, the first thing that will flash in your mind is always children. As you already know, children can be either male or female. Sometimes, you may want to have a certain gender due to some reasons. Once a male child could end up as a natural result, but there is something that can be done to improve the chances of getting a boy.

The Use of Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

Only thing to improve the chances of getting male baby is the use of BBT Thermometer. To get a boy, you should have sex with your wife/husband just close to the ovulation. It is recommended that you need to have intercourse in the first twelve hours from the start of the day of ovulation. At this time your body's temperature will rise significantly. Therefore making use of this thermometer will be helpful to recognize the ovulation phase and take appropriate actions.

BBT Thermometer
BBT Thermometer
Ovulation Kit
Ovulation Kit

Ovulation Prediction Kits

There is a simple and easy way for ovulation prediction. This process could be established through the use of kits for ovulation prediction. Luteinising hormone will always present in urine and blood. But, around ovulation period the content of LH will be increased by two to five times so that you can easily identify ovulation period by using those kits. When you have intercourse 24 hours before ovulation or 12 hours after ovulation, the chances to get a male baby would be great.

Things to Remember During Intercourse

To get pregnant with a boy, you do not need to have sex more than you need to. In fact, what you should really to do is carefully watching the ovulation time. In the event that you are putting things right, you have to have sex that should be stressed never more than you should. In fact, having intercourse for many times can lead to the death of a young sperm and naturally reduces the chances of having a boy. It is therefore important to relax and maintain considerable time gap for each intercourse.

During intercourse, it is good to have deeper penetration that helps male sperm swim a short distance to reach Ovum. Lifestyle is another factor that plays important role when you are trying to have a male child. It is will be nice as far as possible to avoid tight under-wears. Snug underwear may cause, for example, high temperatures around the groin area. This heat deteriorates sperm concentrations. The diet habit can also have a major influence on the amount of sperm as well as on baby's gender. Eating citrus fruits, bananas, mushrooms, food things enriched with zinc will greatly increase the chances of getting male baby.

However, it is not always guaranteed to get conceived a boy. In some cases, you might not get him even then you have followed above mentioned steps. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that in the event that you keep tabs on your cycle very well, you will probably get a boy. Anyway, it is not impossible to get a male baby if you are longing for it. If you can not get it in your first try, you can try it in next time.


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