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How to get ready for prom

Updated on February 1, 2015
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Erin Shelby is passionate about living a lifestyle that aims for financial freedom. She writes about personal finance and other topics.

Ready to hit the dance floor?
Ready to hit the dance floor? | Source

The Prom Book makes a great gift

Looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for a teen girl? Try giving her a book to celebrate an American rite of passage - prom. If your daughter, stepdaughter, granddaughter or niece can’t wait to go to her high school prom or fall formal, she’ll love The Prom Book by Lauren Metz. Filled with practical advice and tips for girls participating in an American tradition, The Prom Book is a guide for any girl to have the time of her life.

The Prom Book saves money

Teens will love The Prom Book’s advice on how to get clear skin, how to apply makeup, how to choose prom night transportation and how to choose a stylish dress. Parents will appreciate the budget-conscious advice on how to save money on prom expenses. Creative solutions are presented to help girls spend less on prom and earn money for prom expenses, with budget sheets included to encourage teens to take ownership of the planning process.

The Prom Book gives advice

While there’s no substitute for a parent or family member’s guidance, The Prom Book does a good job of addressing prom night problems that, if ending a certain way, can alter a young woman’s entire life. Metz encourages teens to stay true to themselves while remaining realistic about the challenges girls are up against. She provides easy steps teens can take to stay safe and have a prom night worth remembering for years to come.

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