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How to Handle Children Who Have Been Abused

Updated on November 22, 2017
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Nitika is a psychologist and has been working with an NGO, a school and two online counseling platforms.

Your Support is most Important to the Child.

"Not all Wounds are Visible."

Steps to take when your child is abused

1. Be Warm and Approachable

The little one needs to be comfortable to speak openly with you. When he starts speaking be silent and attentive, instead of showing worry and putting up questions. Don’t interrupt while he speaks unless it’s for encouragement to go on, otherwise he may change his mind or become conscious.

2. Be Calm Avoid reacting to what your child says, just give appropriate responses.

Even if you are feeling upset or feel like crying, control it as it might scare him more. You might feel varied emotions like shock, anger or disbelief, also guilt. But keep these feelings at bay and stick to the idea that you have to rescue and help the kid to heal now. Remember, that it’s neither your fault nor the child’s so do not start the blame game at once.

3. Believe the child and let him believe in you.

This is very rare that somebody so young in age would cook up a story about being abused, and since it’s a grave issue, you should always pay attention to it and really listen. He will also trust you when you have your faith in them.

4. Give positive affirmations.

Make the kid believe that everything is in control now and you will protect him no matter what. This speeds up the healing process.

5. Tell him what’s the next step and also that you will be with him in every step.

Children who have been abused feel that they have lost control of their life and there is no way back to the old happy life now, but you have to explain him/her the procedure to fight for themselves and take the use of his/her rights as an individual. Brief them about the whole legal process of filing a complaint to attending hearing. Explain them about the medical examination that they might have to undergo as well. They have the right to accompany a person whom they trust, for the same. Show them that the future is going to be bright again.

'Listen to the Silence and turn it into a Smile."

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Preserve Childhood, Stop Child Abuse.

© 2017 Nitika Mehra


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