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How to Make Cloth disposable diapers

Updated on December 4, 2009

Clothes Disposable Diapers

Getting a cloth diaper which can easily be dispose help many mothers to save time while handling their babies. Earlier diapers were made of cottons which had got their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of early diapers made of cottons were very soft and comfortable and the fact that they were made of natural materials. Cotton diapers also had their disadvantages which including laundering after being used which was becoming expensive and the fact that they were of relatively poor absorbency

It is now possible to make your own cloth disposable diapers from material such as wood pulp fluff, cellulose wadding, fluff cellulose, or cotton fibers as the absorbent material which somehow are not very expensive and are easily accessible. Diapers from these materials too have got their disadvantages including being bulky, low moisture absorptions. Consider those factors if you wish to use these materials

Factors to consider when making personal cloth disposable diapers

  • They should be light in weight
  • Easy to wear
  • Has smooth texture
  • Ability to absorb and retain moisture
  • Absorbent pads

Materials needed for disposable diapers

Absorbent pad – They are the materials placed at the core of the diapers and  are made of two elements known as a hydrophilic, or water-loving, polymer and a fibrous material such as wood pulp. The most preferred material is polymer which is made of superior particles of an acrylic acid derivative. The derivative found in polymer includes potassium acrylate, sodium acrylate, or an alkyl acrylate

Other materials needed include elastic threads, hot melt adhesives, strips of tape or other closures, and inks used for printing decorations, ink can be of any color for printing the decoration. It is upon you to select the best color that will look attractive to anybody wishing to buy your cloth disposable diapers

You will need nonwoven fabric which is at the centre of the diaper and made of plastics resins these includes polyesters, polyethylene, nylon or either polypropylene. Once made plastics resins are assembled mechanically or chemically or can also be assembled thermally that interlocks the plastic fibers

Step Involved

Start by shaping the Absorbent in a movable conveyer belt that passes through a long forming chamber and while on the chamber pressurized nozzles spray will spray the polymer particles or fibrous material onto the conveyor facade. During this process a vacuum is applied from below to enable the fiber form a flat pad. Once you have the absorbent pad, the top sheet, and the backing sheet one has to joined the material after which they are cut into diapers shape. With this you will have a quality diaper ready to be used after joining the three materials into the conveyer.  


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