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How to Make Homemade "Water Balloons"

Updated on July 7, 2015

Homemade Outdoor Toys

Nothing says Summer time more than outdoor water play for young and old alike. Buying outdoor water toys can get costly real fast.

This is a fun and easy idea you can make together with your children. They can be used over and over for years to come.

The first thing you need to get is sponges. I recommend going to your local Dollar Store. Only use new sponges, and do not let them get wet before putting them together !

The only other thing you will need is scissors or a butter knife and string.

Homemade Water Toys

Start cutting and cutting !

You want to make each piece about a 1/2 inch wide. Don't worry, they don't all have to be perfectly matched.

Lie 5-6 sponges on top of each other in rows of 3. Now just tight your string in the middle around each "bunch" of sponge "fries." Fluff pieces to make a ball.


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    • sallieannluvslife profile image

      sallieannluvslife 5 years ago from Eastern Shore

      These look like they would be really fun at the beach!!