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How to Make Your Own Baby Wipe Solution

Updated on August 1, 2012

It's easy to make baby wipe solution with products from around the house.

Simple ingredients
Simple ingredients | Source

Going Natural

As a parent, you always want to do what's best for your children, starting when they are babies. One of my concerns when my daughter was a baby was what I put on her as well as fed her. I didn't like to use anything that would irritate her stomach or her skin. That includes diapers, diaper rash cream, and baby wipes.

You can save money and protect your baby by making your own baby wipe solution. That way, you will know what products are in it and be able to make sure it is safe for them.

The Main Ingredients in Homemade Baby Wipe Solutions

You can find a variety of recipes for making your own solution, but certain ingredients will be common for many of them because of what they do for your baby. Here is a list of items that you will want to have on hand:

  • Baby oil - it moisturizes the skin to keep it from getting dry with the wipes and it helps the wipe move across the baby's skin without irritating it
  • Liquid soap - this cleanes the skin from urine and feces
  • Essential oil - this can be added for antibacterial properties and to add a pleasant smell
  • Water - to clean the baby and dilute the other ingredients

Numerous other ingredients can be added that are specific to your baby's needs or your preferences. Remember to keep all ingredients out of your baby's reach to prevent them from ingesting anything that could hurt them.

You can use baby washcloths for reusable wipes to work with the solution. You can also use paper towels if you prefer to toss the wipes when you are done with them.

Mixing and Storing Your Homemade Baby Wipe Solution

When mixing your ingredients, it is best to start with water. This keeps your other ingredients from creating too many bubbles and make it easier to work with everything else. The oil also helps other ingredients slide off of your measuring spoon or cup so that there is no waste, so add it second.

You can find several different ways to store your baby wipe solution for use. The one you use will depend on your individual preference; you can experiment with several to find the most convenient option.

1. Place the solution in a spray bottle and spritz some on the baby wipe before use.

2. Use a bottle with a spout that locks and unlocks like a water bottle and pour the solution onto a baby wipe.

3. Place the solution into a baby wipes container and dip the wipe in as it is needed.

4. Place the baby wipes into a regular baby wipes container and pour the solution over them. The container is designed to keep the wipes from drying it.

5. Keep the baby wipes container in a warmer for use on your baby.

Whatever storage method you choose, check it every day and only put a few in it at a time. Wipes left for a longer period of time will get a smell and can even become moldy.

Recipe Ideas for Baby Wipe Solution

The basic combination for baby wipes solution is as follows:

1/4 cup of baby oil

1/4 cup of baby liquid soap or baby wash

1 cup of water

This is the basic formula you will use for all of your mixtures and may be the only recipe you want to use. The key is not to make too much at once, but plan a regular time to mix more.

You can vary the smell and effects by the type of oil and soap you use. For instance, lavender can provide calming effects and can be used in both the oil and soap.

If you do not want to use a large amount of an oil such as tea tree oil or lavender oil, put two or three drops of that in with baby oil or olive oil.

Once you get used to making this baby wipe solution, you can find more complex and interesting recipes. However, this is a great basic way to start out and the ingredients are low cost, which will save you money.

Making your own baby wipe solution is an easy way to go natural with your baby.

Do you have any recipes that you use for baby wipe solution?

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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      There is no chance I'll be needing this.....but....I wanted to show you some support so here I am....I'll pass this on to a young couple I know.