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How to Pick a Baby Name

Updated on May 28, 2011

Naming Your Baby

  • Naming your baby should be the most exciting part of getting ready for your new family member. Naming your baby can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things to do. You like this and your spouse does not. You tell a friend or family member what you like and they will always give unwanted opinions and suggest what they think is right.

You and your spouse need to think very carefully what your bundle of joy's name will be as you will say it millions of times, in a whisper, in a yell. You will say it in casual conversation and most likely every single day of your life after the birth of the baby.

The name you choose should be suitable for the playful times of childhood as well as their adulthood. Formal versions like William are nice, when young the can be called Will or Bill, Willie or Billy, just be careful as nick names will follow your child into their adult life.

There are many sources to find names to choose from, old family names, baby name books, the Bible, even your favorite TV show. Old School names have made a big come back like Sarah, but would you want your child called Gertrude for the rest of their life.

When my husband and I were looking for a name for our child it was quite difficult, I did not want trendy, he did. I did not want to use a name that had already been used by other family members of our generation. He liked names that were not ethnically suitable, I did not. Every time we thought we had something we would mention it to someone and catch a bunch of grief. When we finally choose her name, we told no one until after she was born. We choose Jenna Nicole. When I came up with this one I wrote it on a paper and gave it to him, he liked, I liked, the deed was done.

Here are some hints to name selection that we hope you will find helpful.

  • Stay away from trendy names and trendy spellings. like Wendy with an "i" Wendi
  • The name should be liked by both parents, and have special meaning to both
  • Listen to the rhythm of the first and last names together, it show flow like rolling off you tongue
  • Watch out for what the initials spell. Don't do this I knew a woman named Vagina Diane Shields and when ever I saw her signature V.D. Shields my mind went into the gutter. I thought "how nasty"
  • Don't make your child go through life correcting people on the spelling or pronunciation, check these carefully
  • Honoring a family member is always nice, or blending names to create a new and unique name.
  • Be wary of nicknames, pick a name that can have several different ones and your child can control what he or she is called when they grow into adulthood
  • Practice saying the name, Does it sound right, Does it sound appealing, Do you like it?
  • Be sure to choose a middle name, it may someday be an Identifying factor. How many John Smiths do you think there are? How about John Sherlock Smith. See what I mean?
  • Watch the lettering, try to avoid using first and last names that start with the same letters like Mark Martin, and notice how the first 3 letters are the same in both names, try to avoid that too.
  • One last thing, if you can follow these helpful hints and find something you really like that goes against these hints, Use it because the most important thing is you like the name!


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    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Hi Chloe,

      Thank You very much for your kind words!

    • Chloe Comfort profile image

      Chloe Comfort 7 years ago from Long Island

      Great hub! We had a few problems naming our first (a son) - my hubby was coming up w/some real doozys! Finally agreed on a name that would not bring my son years of torture while growing up. With my daughter, it was easy. I already had her name picked out 10 years before she was even a thought. Thank goodness my hubby liked it too! Kudos!

    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Hi Papa, That's great its suppose to be fun, and I'm sure lots of people enjoy doing it. I did, I just didn't like the unwanted input and critiquing. Thanks for stopping by and I liked your blog.

    • Papa Sez profile image

      Papa Sez 7 years ago from The Philippines to Canada

      Hi mod2vint, my wife and I enjoyed giving names to our kids and had an elaborate set of rules applied to all of their names. You might want to check it out

      Your tips would be helpful to expecting parents.

      Regards, Papa Sez