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How to Save Money on Disposable Diapers

Updated on November 19, 2009
save money on diapers, lazy lobsters
save money on diapers, lazy lobsters

That cute bundle of joy surely knows how to pull at your heartstrings but little did you know that he or she would be tugging so much at your wallet. It all may have hit you hard once you realized how many diaper changes are needed a day and not to mention  the hefty sticker shock derived from those pricey price tags attached. During these tough economic times where all corners are being cut in one way or another, figuring out a way to save money on disposable diapers makes perfectly sense. Following are some helpful tips.

-Go Store Brand

While Pampers,  Huggies and Luvs are the most popular brands, you do not have to pay more for a diaper with a name. Instead look for the store brand diapers for considerable savings. Store brand does not automatically translate into lower quality, however, it is best to keep in mind that it may take a few tries before trying the best quality/price offer. 

-Shop Around

Shop around your local stores and travel a bit more if necessary. Each week, some stores rotate when their merchandise is on sale. Look for your favorite diapers and compare prices. Go online and look for the weekly flyer advertising products on sale. Some time a bit of research may go a long way when trying to pinch pennies.

-Fetch for Newspapers

The Sunday newspaper may offer a good amount of diaper and other baby related products. While often such coupons are for popular makes of diapers, coupons may allow you to purchase them at the price of store brand coupons. Get your scissors therefore ready and cut, clip and save.

-Go to an Auction

Of course, you are not going to a live auction to bid and purchase diapers! Rather, if your Sunday paper is not much generous on diaper coupons, you can easily find some of the on-line auction Ebay. Here you may find miscellaneous coupons for baby products with diapers being the star. Shop for bulk coupons and late expiration dates for great deals. 

-Go Cloth

Some parents concerned about the costs of disposable diapers have decided to go with cloth diapers. Laundering them at home may seem like a hassle versus just tossing a disposable, however, those really looking into saving have found that it may be worth a try. The times where cloth diapers were secured with safety pins are gone and now more and more disposable diapers are closed with Velcro. 

As seen, you do not have to necessarily spend a fortune on keeping your baby dry. With a little bit of research and a touch of luck, you may be able to find the path to substantial savings. 


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