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How to balance work and family? Tight rope walking !

Updated on June 8, 2014

The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.’ –Stephen Covey

You always want success in your life more than anything else, don’t you? So you are totally focused in your work to achieve it, aren’t you?

Everyone wants success in their profession! With the world turning highly competitive you have to gear yourself up to forge ahead as otherwise you will be left far behind.

Why is your work very important for you?

  • Success in work means more money
  • When you are appreciated you feel worthy.
  • Your ego is boosted up when you are most sought after in your profession.
  • You secure the financial future of your family.
  • You afford all the good things of life.

So work has become very important for you.

Are work and its success the main criterion for happiness in life?

When your work is appreciated and you are patted on the back for your contribution for the company you feel good. It is quiet natural, isn’t it?

  • But are you overdoing your passion for work?
  • Do you only concentrate on your work and totally forget your family?
  • Do you think you can compensate your absence by providing them everything they crave for?

If you are a workaholic you lose the happiness of spending quality time with your family. Family is the most important thing in your life and you cannot afford to ignore them. You might well argue that you are doing everything for their betterment.

Your argument has no substance when you forgo the happiness of your family in your mad chase after money.

Is work and career that important?

If you do not concentrate on your work, you cannot be successful. With inflation at its peak you have to work hard to make both ends meet. You cannot afford to sit back and relax and think that success will come to you in a platter. So you slave it out in your work place and this becomes an addiction to you.

What happens when you are a workaholic?

  • You are stressed and tensed when you have to give your best always.
  • You do not have time to spend with your family.
  • You bring your work related tension home.
  • You are burnt out and do not have the energy to interact with your family.
  • You feel your family does not understand you.

What happens when you do not spend time with your family?

  • They feel your absence at home.
  • They resent your indifference.
  • They feel that money cannot compensate for the time you do not spend with them.
  • The distance between you and your family widens.

What is the remedy for this stalemate?

Can you have the best out of the two worlds?

Can you make your family understand you?

Of course you can enjoy success in your work and also enjoy compatibility with your family. But it cannot happen just like that.

It needs input from you and your family. They must understand that it is a competitive world and that you must put in extra efforts to touch the peak in your work.

You must understand that success in work can give you satisfaction and approval, but your success would be meaningful only if you have excellent relationship with your family.

What should you do to have happiness in your family life?

Leave work tension at the doorstep!

Are you a person who brings work related stress and tension home?

Then the atmosphere at your home must be oppressive and stifling. Your work ends at your work place and you should shrug off your worries and complaints at the doorstep of your office and be ready to take the role of a family man.

When you are stressed at work and also stressed in the family, nothing can make you happy!

It is very natural to be overwrought in work as adjusting with your colleagues; being answerable to your high officials and being target of wrath of the management take toll of your energy.

When you have to bow to the management you feel your nerves creeping in anger and frustration.

When you are forced to control your anger in your workplace it is ready to burst out any moment. And when you are home one wrong word is enough to make you spill forth venom of hurting words.

You are glum faced when at home. Your family is terrified to come near you as they can sense that you are in a boiling stage. The day ends for you in gloomy silence! You are not happy! Your family is not happy! You got nothing out your showy display of stress!

Instead if you had spent some fun moments with your family your stress would have disappeared in the warm glow of their love. Work stress should end at your work place and should not continue to torture you and your family at home also.

Do not bring your work home

With the advent of computer\ laptops, work can be handled at home. But this concept has made family life sparse and scanty.

You and your spouse have your own work and when you return home you sit before the computer\laptop and continue your work.

Your children spend their time in video games\ mobile phones and there is not interaction between you and your family.

Occasional work at home is quiet understandable, but persistent intrusion of work into your family life should be avoided.

Do not waste your time in your work place in meaningless gossips and do your work at a steady pace. Do not have a backlog of your work and finish it with competence.

Your time in your job should be dedicated to your work and your time at home should be reserved for your family.

Be together

When you spend most of your time in workplace the time you spend at home is very less. So whenever you are at home, you should spend it with your family. Talk with them about some incidents at work, ask your children about their day in school \college and help your spouse with the household chores. Watching TV together and having fun together can make your life relaxed and comfortable.

Plan your weekends

You spend your weekends catching up with your sleep and your pending household work. These are all routine and mundane work and it should not eat up your weekends.

You should plan your weekend with your family and spend rollicking time with them. Children adore when they are taken to theme parks, cinema or some recreation spots. Eating out can also make relaxing difference for you.

We are so used to multi tasking; we are so addicted to over achieving that we forget that real happiness lies in simple things that take place in the present.’ – Sumesh Nair.

Your family and work should be like the two sides of a scale. There should be equal weight on the both sides to make the needle in the center steady. You should know how to balance your family and work. Lack of success in work can lower your life style and lack of quality time with your family can destroy your happiness.

© 2013 mathira


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    • mathira profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from chennai

      Thank you,MG Singh for giving good comments.

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 

      4 years ago from Singapore

      Well written with good suggestions

    • mathira profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from chennai

      Thank you billy for the visit.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Wonderful suggestions my friend. I was a single parent for a number of years and my balancing act was at times very hard.


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