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How to be a Good Parent of Boy

Updated on February 12, 2015

Being a parent can be very difficult and very joyful at the same time. You must understand your kid if you want to be a good parent. As they say that nobody is perfect and you have to learn from your mistakes.

Parenting a boy is lot different as compared to parenting a daughter. Boys thinking and emotional state is very different and you cannot handle them just like your boys. Things can get very messy when you are parenting a boy for the first time. So today I am going to discuss certain things which will help you to deal with boy parenting.

Understand Everything

You have to be very sharp when things like this will come on your doorstep. You have to be very sharp and observe everything very carefully. If your boy is in state of motion and by state of motion I mean that he is jumping and playing then he is normal and there is nothing wrong with him.

If he is acting kind of sloppy then this can mean trouble and you have to observe him carefully to locate the problem. If he is shouting then is also good because it shows that he is asking for the attention.

You have to understand that boys are very shy in sharing their problems with others. You will observe that when your boy is sad then he wants to avoid everyone and be alone. So you do not have to use words to your boys you have to rely on physical actions.

You should spend time and when he is sad then you should hug him instead of asking that what is wrong with him and why he is sad. When you are with your kids then your outmost priority must be your kids and you must give them your full attention. It doesn’t matter that how much time you are spending with them, what matters is the quality of the time that you are spending.

They want superpowers

This is a big thing that every kid want and that is the powers like super heroes. They want to do good things with these powers and you have to be supportive in these kinds of situations. If your kids want to be a Spiderman or superman then you should help him and support him.

This is very good thing because your kids want to be acknowledged and he wants that other people recognize him. If you will help him then his self confidence will be greatly improved and you will be able to see the difference yourself.

Be Polite

One of the greatest things that kids want is the respect. You have to show respect in order to get respect. You must be very polite with your kids when you talking with them. Force is necessary but it should only be used as a last weapon.

If you are polite then you will be able to understand the inner state of your kinds and you will understand what they really want. By being polite you can achieve lot of things, your kids will hear you by their hearts and you will be like a democrat who listens to the problems of the peoples and do not implement its own decisions. So you should behave like a democrat not a dictator.

Winning is not everything

Boys always care about winning and this is very difficult to change. This thing is very common among boys and you can reduce it but cannot remove it completely.

You should talk with your boy that what matters is that you do everything in your power to win but if you lose then it doesn’t mean that all your hard work is gone to waste, it means that you should work hard and try next time.

You should tell your kid that life is not about winning or losing, it is about enjoying. Whatever you are doing, you should do it to enjoy and without thinking about winning or losing.

Clothes are Important

Clothing is very important and you have to be careful when you are selecting clothing for your boy. You should not implement your own decagon about clothing rather you should ask him that whether he likes particular clothing or not.

You will have quite a fight on the dressing of your son. This is because those girls have lot of options when it comes to dressing but when it comes to boys then your options are very limited. They want to look cool and be easy at the same time so you have to select the dressed which are fashionable and easy at the same time.

You should not let them wear the same dress over and over again instead you should make a mechanism for rotating the clothes so that a single clothe can only be wore once a week.

Crowed Handling

Boys have very difficulty in handling the cowed, you will observe that when your girls will enter any type of social gathering then she becomes energetic and wants to enjoy it. When boys enter these kinds of situation then they become shy and panicked. You have to help your boys to handle these kinds of situation and you should not push them beyond their limits.


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    • Con Judge profile image

      Con Judge 3 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for appreciation.

    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 3 years ago from Newton, West Virginia

      Thank you for the insight! I have a 17 month old son. From helping my sister with het daughter at a young age I can already tell boys and girls are very different indeed!