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How to be More Popular

Updated on May 14, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

Is it Better to be Popular or Well Liked?

You see these are two completely different things. If you are well liked, you are probably also respected by your peers. If you are popular, then you are the in thing. The person of the moment, and moments can be fleeting.

It's hard to see the popular kids getting all of the attention if you are left on the edge of things. Perhaps you have a large group of friends and you feel lost in the crowd or perhaps you want to be loved by everyone. Let me tell you that popular kids are not always loved.

There was a girl in my class when I was at school. She was pretty, clever and everyone flocked around her. She was also manipulative, loud and a bully. Nobody liked her all that much. Me included. Sure everyone was nice to her, they all wanted to be her best friend and they'd often compete for her attention.

I would not say I was popular back then, but I wasn't unpopular either. I was just there, doing my thing. I got about with the popular crowd but that was pretty much by default. The only real advantage for me at the time was boys. I got to hang about with the cool ones because of my friends group.

Popularity Can be a Curse

If you're really popular there are great expectations placed on you. You might have the worry what if people stop thinking I'm all that?

You might notice that people are only hanging out with you because of your popularity and you may lack true friendship.

It's okay to want to be liked. We all want that after-all. We might say we don't care, but in truth most of us do. Confidence is key to everything and often popularity comes hand in hand with that.

Do You Like Yourself?

Often people that crave popularity are very insecure in themselves and may not like themselves all that much. They see popularity as a way of feeling better about themselves, but this is a misguided notion.

The only way you can feel good about yourself is by loving yourself. Yeah, I know, bla, bla, bla! It's a fact though.

Do all of the things that make you happy and not the things that make other people happy. Sure do some of those too, but make yourself a priority. Look after yourself, be kind to yourself and laugh...a lot.

Having one or two really good friends that you can confide in is way better than having loads of superficial friends that you can't talk to.

Work on You And You Will Be Noticed

It's a funny thing, but when we look out for ourselves and treat ourselves with respect, we start to become like a magnet. We begin attracting things into our lives. People notice us who wouldn't have given us a second glance before and we start feeling good about ourselves.

With the above, inevitably comes popularity. People like people that are happy in their own skins. They gravitate towards those that don't need them.

You'll never gain popularity with desperation. It will come naturally when you accept that it's not as important as being yourself.

Never compromise YOU in order to be popular. It will not make you happy and the attention you get from others will be superficial.

Everyone Has The Potential To Be Well Liked

In Order to be noticed, you have to step into the light and that might not be easy for you if you suffer with shyness or a lack of confidence.

Have fun with your friends and assume you already are popular. Assuming something is already here, is a sure fire what to increase your confidence naturally and in turn you'll notice more people noticing you. Being popular for being your true self is the way to go.

Friendship is What Counts

I can't stress strongly enough how important it is to have friends in your life. Friends can lift you when you're feeling low, they can support you in times of stress and they like you for you and not the person you will inevitably pretend to be if you are looking for ways to be popular.

Why do You Want to Be Popular?

Why do you want to be more popular. Consider the reasons you feel that being popular will be better for you and your life right now.

If you are asking 'how can I be more popular?' because you are lacking friends or feel like an outsider, then look at other ways you can make the right friends.

It's a leap to suddenly become popular. There is no formula for that. Start by making friends and if you find that hard, join a club of some sort. When my son was struggling socially I signed his up the the air cadets. Okay he damn well hated it, but he did make some great friends, a couple of which he still sees now.

Life is for living and doing it in the most authentic way. So be you and enjoy that. Forget about popularity and you'll find it comes when you aren't looking.


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