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Managing angry kids

Updated on May 17, 2012

Are we handling the angry kids in right manner?

Universal Phenomena

It is an universal phenomena that parents are faced with the unpleasant responsibility to handle their children who fly off the handle quite frequently, at times in some cases, and in some other cases it is too frequent. More often than not, parents are seen bulldozing their kids through their position of authority in terms of their size and power, their old belief system and the conviction that they rule the lives of their children.

How far from the truth

Khalil Jibran said hundreds of years ago that "Your child is not your child! They are the God's creation". But we act totally opposite and we believe and act in a manner that we are the total owners of our children. It is our insecurity which enters into the kids' psyche.

Miserable childhood

Children in well to do families are facing the onslaught of explosion of technological gadgets, games, videos etc. which are addictive and ultimately get enslaved. The kids, being spontaneous, emotional and innocent easily fall a prey to the designs of the innovative products targeted towards them?

The bottom line is that the kid are more than eager to watch a TV serial, or play a video game, play some game on mobile or want a new toy popular among kids. He finds it really hard to manage the work part that is studies. The socializing with other kids through evening games and sports are ever decreasing.

Role of parents

Its a tough role but unavoidable if you truly care for your child. Chances may be that you are running after your own carnal desires and the kid is a necessity to pull on in life. You need to replace the gadgets, TV, video game and games on mobile through passionate involvement with the kid in small playful activities. Let me tell you he will love it.

The anger state of the kid

When the child gets angry take the blame on you rather than the child. It is because the fact that all his reactions are a result of your upbringing and outside influences which are much stronger than the influence of home. So do not blame him, blame external factors and extend a helping hand in his state of anger. Act like a helper or some one who is much above these common reactions. Never ever come to his level of state of mind or anger fighting anger.

It is all about the kind of rapport you have built

The child being so intelligent will react based on his past experiences and images about you. If you have built enough of faith and trust rather than simple authority, the child will fall in line.

So the problem is not in child, may be it is in you and the surrounding factors! So when the child gets angry smile from within. Engage with him for a while. Try to bring his most passionate thing into conversation. May be offer him something which he really likes. All the teachings on how and why not to get angry can wait a while for an appropriate time.


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    • jfay2011 profile image

      jfay2011 6 years ago

      oh boy, can kids get angry. I had both my girls fighting with each other on thanksgiving morning and I told them to not fight that day.