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How to Develop Interiors of the House to Become Elderly Compatible?

Updated on May 22, 2020
Kh swati profile image

With simple changes to my interiors, I managed to make my home a kids friendly one.

No matter how much the time changes, some things never change. This situation is satisfactory that even in most Indian families, elderly parents live with their children. The effort should be that every part of your house is compatible with them.

Let's find Out Some Tips to Make Your House Elderly Compatible.

How should be the main door?

When it comes to the comfort and convenience of the elderly, we should start it from the main door of the house and for this, you should always remember these things.

  • First of all, keep in mind that the path to the main door of your house should be perfectly flat and clean. While decorating things like pots, flower vase and showpieces, make sure that there is no obstruction in the way due to them.
  • If there are stairs in the way of going inside the house, then they should get their left-hand side railings installed, so that they can get help in getting up the stairs.
  • If elderly members of the family uses a wheelchair, then it is very important to arrange a ramp along the stairs, so that there is no discomfort in the movement of the wheelchair.
  • Even though the staircase is higher in count, their height should be less and width should be higher, so that the elderly walking with the stick should not have any problem, usually, stairs ranging from 7 to 10 inches are best suited for the elderly.
  • Proper lighting is necessary at the main entrance of the house. At least 2 CFL and LED lights should be on the way to the house from the main door.

Comfortable Living Room

It is that important part of your house where all the members of your family sit comfortably in the leisurely moments, so these things should be kept in mind while arranging it.

  • Make sure to have a comfortable place for the elderly member of your family to sit comfortably in the living room. Here you can have a single bed or an easy chair so that he can sit down and watch TV and read newspapers.
  • Arrange the furniture and other decorative items in this part of the house in such a way that there is enough space to move.
  • While making changes in the arrangement of furniture in your home, please inform the elders of the family about this in advance because at this age some people have a little shortcoming in their vision and memory. The sudden change may cause them to stumble while walking.
  • In the living room, the switchboard should always be in such a convenient place so that senior members of the family are not disturbed.

Arrangements in Bedroom

You should be especially careful while arranging the bedroom for the elderly, as they spend most of the time here only. This place should be comfortable in every way.

  • The elderly bedroom should be slightly away from the drawing-room and the kitchen so that the noise of the guests coming into the house and all the activities of the kitchen does not disturb their sleep.
  • There should not be too much polish on their bedroom floor, because of this, there is a fear of sliding their feet. You can also place orthopaedic mattresses on the floor.
  • There should also be a TV in their bedroom so that they can watch their favourite programs whenever they want.
  • If the size of the bedroom is large, then place a mat in one part of it, so that in the winter season, they can sit and practice yoga.
  • There should be a night lamp and bed switch in their room so that they do not have any inconvenience due to darkness.
  • Wardrobe and room doors should have large handles so that there is no problem in opening or closing them.
  • If there is enough space in the room, then you can also arrange a table with two chairs so that they can also have lunch or dinner in their bedroom if needed.
  • There should be a side table near the headrest of their beds where they can keep their medicine books, glasses, mobiles and other important things.
  • The height of the bed in the elderly room should not be more than 2 feet.

Bathroom should be safe

The bathroom is also a very important part of the house but many times people do not pay much attention to it. Special caution should be exercised while getting the interior of the bathroom in view of the safety of senior citizens living in the family.

  • You must have also seen that most of the elderly get strumbled due to sliding foot in the bathroom, so mat tiles should be installed in their bathroom, the leg does not slip on such tile.
  • The dry area and the wet area in the bathroom should always be separate. If this is not possible, then keep in mind that the bathroom floor is always dry and it should have a Western toilet seat.
  • If you have enough space, there should be a small powder area with their bathroom so that they do not have any problem in getting ready after taking a bath.
  • All the attachments in their bathroom should be such that they can use them easily. There should be a mixer tap arrangement with geysers in the bathroom so that they can get lukewarm water easily. If there is any electricity-related problem, get it fixed without delay.
  • The bathroom door should have such a locking system that it can be opened from outside also in case of an accident. If you take care of these things then your home will be fully comfortable and safe for the elderly.


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