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How to enjoy your day at Six Flags Over Texas.

Updated on June 23, 2016

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas located in Arlington, Texas was the first one in the chain of theme parks. A day of fun at Six Flags Over Texas is one filled of memories. With a little planning you can make your day runner smoother and be more enjoyable for the whole family.


Before you visit.

Before you visit Six Flags make sure to browse their website. There you will find a map of the park, discounts on tickets and food, and events. Download the Six Flags App, while it does not have a map you can buy tickets. The app also has a feature that when you are in the park it lists all the rides with their wait times, unfortunately it is hit or miss whether this feature works.

  • Let the everyone going with you look at the map and choose their top three rides. Then you can plan your route around the park.
  • Purchase the tickets online they are discounted greatly and it is one less line you have to wait in.
  • Consider purchasing food vouchers if you are planning to eat in the park. While it is tempting to pack a lunch and eat in the picnic area it is a lot of work and walking. If you plan on leaving the park for lunch and traveling to one of the restaurants in the area you will loose your parking spot and end up having to park farther out.
  • Plan on purchasing the one of the reusable cups. If you are planning on making multiple trips then the cups that offer free refills are the ones for you. If you only visit once a season I would recommend the cups that are free refills the day of and 99 cent refills the rest of the season. Cups of ice water are free and available at all of the stands that sell drinks.

What to take.

I recommend that you plan on packing light. If you are like me then you will end up carrying around everyone else's stuff that they had to have, and didn't want to carry themselves.

  • Sunscreen. This is a must if you plan on being there all day. I would recommend a combination sunscreen, bug repellent so that you only have on bottle to carry around.
  • Hats and Sunglasses.
  • Diaper bag, or extra clothes for children.

Harley Quinn Spinsanity


What not to take.

Before you visit you should review the park policies to make sure that you do not have to take something back to your car or surrender it to the security team.

This is a list of common items that are not allowed.

  • Weapons- This includes pocket knives, and wallets on chains that are deemed to long.
  • Outside Food and Drinks- Unless you have small children with you or a medical condition you will not be allowed to take this into the park.
  • Nail Polish, markers, or anything else that they have determined can be destructive to the park.


2016 New Rides at Six Flags Over Texas

What is your favorite new ride of the 2016 season?

See results

Additional Notes

  • Take a picture of the kids before you go into the park. This is handy to have in case a child becomes separated from you. You will have information about what they are wearing and what they look like ready to show the security guards.
  • Check the ride height requirements before your trip. That could save a melt down moment if your child knows ahead of time they are not tall enough to ride a ride.
  • Take a break on the train. Whether you decide to ride it all the way around or just to the next station it is nice to sit down for a few minutes and catch a nice breeze.
  • Check out the parks events. Some of their extra ride times you need to purchase a product (like a bag of chips) and bring the empty container in, others you may need to print a voucher that is available online. *Tip if you are using the app for this be careful and check the date of the voucher and confirm it is the correct voucher.
  • On a Bring a Friend Free days the park is usually even more crowded than usual. Consider going during the early part of the week for the least wait times.
  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

An On-Ride POV Of The Runaway Mine Train.


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