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Hotel Survival 101

Updated on November 15, 2012

Toddler problems

Have you ever been stuck in a hotel room with a toddler? Ever found yourself going crazy as your child ran around like a track star? Recently I was stuck in a small hotel room with my son as the plumbing was being fixed in our home. I found myself more frustrated and overwhelmed than I ever have in my life. He was slamming doors, jumping off beds, trying to leave the room and running in circles. Here are a few things I learned during this three day ordeal.


Common sense told me that little boys/ children dislike being told to sit still and they are easily bored. We went through many different things during the course of three days and still he managed to become bored.

  1. Television is okay for 30 minutes but children dislike sitting, even if their favorite show is on.

2. Make puppets - I drew a face on my sons sock and made weird voices to tell a story. He really enjoyed seeing mommy act silly.

3. Bring different art supplies - During our stay I only brought his crayons but found he easily became bored with sitting still. I bought paint, paper plates, colored paper and glue. We engaged in multiple crafts and made multiple paintings, mask, and shapes.

4. Use the hotel features. - The only kid friendly feature our hotel offered was a pool and it was too cold to swim. Some hotels offer arcades, movies, free shows and many more. Check with the hotel clerk when you check in to see what is going on during your stay.

5. Locate playgrounds. - When I say playgrounds I mean parks, fast food playgrounds, indoor playground and childcare located near movie theaters. My son loves the playground but during an extremely hot day or a windy day we skip the park. I make up for this with a visit to the McDonald or Burger King playgrounds. Most will be too busy to realize you did not make a purchase or just buy a drink.

6. Be understanding. - As an adult you understand why you have to leave your home but a toddler is confused and wants to be home. Understand that your child is not trying to be difficult but that he/she is exploring the new surroundings. Give your child time to explore but also keep he/she busy with other activities so you both are entertained.

7. Build a fort,- Children love role playing so if you can use extra blankets to build a fort or tent. Pretend play is also great for a child to expand their imagination.

8. If all else fails run to the nearest Chuck E. cheese. - your toddler can run and play with other children for hours without becoming bored.


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  • jpcmc profile image

    JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

    These are nice activities. I make it a point to have numerous activities for the kids I'm traveling with. There should be sit down activities, physical ones and of course the tamed and peaceful ones. Food is a good release. The drawback is the mess. Barney or Dora can distract them for a time. But regardless of what the activity is, I make sure they are learning experiences.